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  1. Dave

    Archery Hunting Photos

    After passing on several close doe opportunities in 2014, during his 1st year as a bow hunter, my younger son decided to get his 1st bow harvest under his belt on the evening of the 2015 opener. FYI...that's the broken arrow laying on the deer
  2. Dave

    Finding replacement low beam????

    Try searching Interlight You may be looking for H27W12V replacement bulbs. You can place in the plastic housing and bend the pins over. Works great. About $5 each bulb.
  3. Dave

    Tools on ATV... WHat do you keep handy?

    I KNEW you would get into this thread!
  4. Dave

    atv with no paper work

    Son's friend just went through this with a snowmobile. I think he just brought in a bill of sale. Seller didn't even register from the previous owner. DMV looked it up and registered it for him. One DMV station requested a bill of sale for an ATV I had unregistered for many years. Went to the other DMV and she didn't request one.
  5. Same symptom and reaction to the charger as my son's Grand Am. Ended up to be the battery. Check connections to make sure it is indeed the battery though.
  6. Dave

    Hauling portable on trailer hitch storage rack?

    That's true, sorry. I actually have a "truck" (long box) and wasn't thinking.
  7. Dave

    Home TV antenna

    Google Antenna Web and Antenna Point to learn more about TV reception.
  8. Dave

    Hauling portable on trailer hitch storage rack?

    Put the ATV in, a strap to hold it forward, leave the tailgate down and strap the fish house on the tailgate.
  9. Dave

    LX5 Charging

    I jinxed myself My Marcum camera charger (little black box with red led) doesn't work any longer. But, I think I did it. Before plugging it into the outlet, when connecting the spade lugs to the battery, I mixed polarity and noticed a little spark at the battery terminal when connecting the second lead. So, I'll take the blame on this one. No doubt there could be bad ones but, am wondering if others are doing that as well and then blaming the Marcum charger.
  10. Dave

    sattelight reception problems

    Same issue for me with no signal. Took one of the short cables off and sure enough, the male pin inside one coax connector was pushed in some.
  11. Dave

    LX5 Charging

    Four Marcum chargers, three LX5's and one camera. All work fine.
  12. Dave

    Garage Door Opener

    A leaf stuck to the door bottom was the culprit on mine before.
  13. Dave

    Ice Castle Fish house?

    I suspect electric winches would have a manual backup.
  14. Dave

    Places for new tires

    For your ATV
  15. With firearm season over and temps in single digits, the Sub Zero's have performed as expected when in the deer stands. The slip-on design, warmth and ability to walk through half frozen swamps fit our needs nicely.