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  1. Cheesey smoked meatballs phenomenal smokingmeat.com
  2. It is a no quota zone but I can’t justify shooting her these cubs are really small there’s no way they’d make it without her i believe there could be a den close by the first pictures I got on camera were mid April and the cubs were the size of a chihauha now there about the size of a boxer ill check into the air horn idea
  3. I’ve got a sow and 2 cubs hanging out in my hunting spot. Last night my son was in his stand and the sow and 2 cubs came out at 60 yds then cam to within 30 yds and it was getting dark he started making noise to shoe them away but the sow would just come closer to see what the noise was. I ended up taking the 4 wheeler out to get him and even then apparently the didn’t leave til I was within 40-50 yds. I’ve never had to deal with bears before as typically we don’t have them in our just outside the NE metro area. I’m concerned about walking to or from our stands and getting caught between the sow and cubs. How can I get them to move out of the area?
  4. I know exactly what your talking about we call them iron eaters at work You can buy them at Menards
  5. Ok that makes sense. When I saw swan I figured it was an member id. When I went to cub today I asked the HS kid if they had any I got "I know we have them I just don't know where they'd be". I said freezers maybe by the other tots he said "what makes you think that" You can't make it up!
  6. Box? i don't think I've ever seen them but will be looking in a little while
  7. Cheesy tots sound great! Anyone got a recipe?
  8. Nice looking rig HUJU!! I'm considering a remodel for my shack. I've got a couple questions. What brand is your furnace? Vented? What did you use for the perimeter ceiling lighting? How did you install it?
  9. Nice looking shack!! it looks like 8x17 what did you pay for that? how much does it weight?
  10. Nice looking shackles Yeti It looks like you used pine tongue and groove? How thick is it? 3/4" How much weight do you think it added?
  11. I stuck a doe last night and saw 6 other does. I know have 10 scrapes in the 50 yd area.
  12. I've got 5 fresh scrapes within a 50 yd area all in the last 24-36 hrs and a few little guys on cam during the day and big boys still at night. Guess where I'll be hunting?
  13. I would say 90% of the corn is still standing just north of the metro
  14. I've seen a few bean/corn feilds being picked but not hard core yet just north of the metro
  15. Full body or shoulder mount?
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