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  1. Congratulations Len. I did this diet 1998 to 1999 (18 months) taking off 50 lbs, from 285 down to 235. In maintenance mode since then. This morning the scale said 238.
  2. I watched pieces of the races on TV. It sure looked like there were plenty of open seats. Is that normal?
  3. Lots of sun. My vegetable gardens are lacking due to maturing trees.
  4. I can confirm that Glyhosphate looks like it will kill it, non-selectively. Sprayed some last weekend, checked them last night, and the plants are browning up and drooping.
  5. I have not tried to treat with herbicide, but the plant looks like the herbicide would bead up and drip right off due to the waxy coating on the leaves. You may want to try adding Spreader-Sticker to the mix to get the herbicide to stick better.
  6. That's it. Thank you. It is taking over our flower beds and landscaping. My granola crunching neighbor introduced it with all other kinds of out-of-control stuff and is now moving because it is "too much work to maintain." I asked them about this plant and they said, "it pulls pretty easily," which it does. Sharing a wikipedia link here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chelidonium_majus
  7. At first glance, I was going to ask if the circus came to town. LOL. Really, there is a bird visible there in the photo. How long has this arrangement been in place? I ask, since it does take awhile for the birds to find the new feeders.
  8. Hoey

    Lake Cenaiko Thread

    Wow that is some high density fishing pressure!!!
  9. Be careful, these are legal for stores to sell but very dangerous to use. They are non-compliant with building codes.
  10. The cardinals, chickadees, and bluejays have been very vocal and active over the past week or so in my backyard.
  11. We have had a large flock of robins, come and go on our one of our crab apple trees for the past couple weeks. Saturday morning the chickadees and cardinals were singing quite loudly.
  12. Make sure the adapter wiring matches the diagram on the cover of your female plug-in on your truck too. Some use the center pin for backup lights, yet others it is an auxiliary. Also make sure that the lobe on the male is lining up with the lobe on the female plug-in too.
  13. Trailer, one side, brake and turns dont work, same wire, same bulb filament. Sounds like a ground problem. With other tow vehicles its ok. Are these 7 pin to 4s? Could be the wrong adapter? Not all 7 to 4 pins are the same. Sometimes too that bad ground seeks its path through the hitch.
  14. Hoey

    New License

    Got mine yesterday during the snow. I was informed that there is a new rule requiring the MN Fishing Regulations be carried on your boat and that this new rule is not documented in the Regs. Anyone know if this is fact or just a kindly recommendation?
  15. The motors and accessories cost the same no matter what boat they get mounted to. I suggest getting the most boat you can handle financially. It is rare to hear some say they have too much boat. I am a Ranger owner. On my second one. Bumped up from a 20 to a 21, 225 to a 300hp.
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