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  1. Hoey

    Facebook Account Setup

    Customer support in India was of little value. Apparently my work network and/or PC have viruses not allowed to be present during setup. They recommended that I setup using my iPhone. Done. Looks like 300 plus friends waiting. Who are they?
  2. Hoey

    Facebook Account Setup

    It is saying my account is Disabled. On the phone with customer support now.
  3. I am working unsuccessfully to setup a Facebook Account. It is asking me for a photo, govt issued ID. Does anyone know if this is legitimate or not?
  4. Hoey


    That is pretty crazy. Seems like this is for the 1 percenters, skill and craziness!!!
  5. Oh - so that's what happens when a pike hits the camera. Neat. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Hoey

    Who Has Winterized And Stored The Boat Already?

    Dropped my rig off for fall/winter service on Sunday. Schedule is too busy for the next 4 weeks and the weather, what-the-heck?
  7. Hoey

    Master Toasting Bread

    Happy Birthday!!! You are entering your prime, still able to do most physical activities, wiser, and hopefully better funded. Enjoy!!!
  8. Hoey

    Master Toasting Bread

    Eventually you can not avoid this.
  9. Hoey

    Master Toasting Bread

    We found some at HyVee. I have not been to Wally World lately to see what they have. Since the kids have moved out, we are right sizing our food supply and demand. The toasting bread is now frozen, since we go through a loaf every two-weeks or so. We just take out a slice or two out of the freezer as needed.
  10. Hoey

    Unruly nighcrawlers

    I have about 100 left. Hoping to use them up before the ice season. The commercial flats do not have a cover and we slip them into a Menard shopping bag. I have a 1/3 flat (or so) with a cover that is keeping them inside.
  11. Full product name is Masters, English Muffin Toasting Bread. A couple weeks ago I was shopping at Wally World and found the 6' wide shelf bare. Went to Sam's and found only 4 loaves on a portable shelf. Anyone have insight to this or know where I can get this bread since it is the best bread for toast with dipping (or scrambled) eggs, french toast, and grilled cheese sam-it-ches? Online, Wally says it is a discontinued product - bummer.
  12. Hoey

    An't It Da Truth, An't It Da Truth!

    Double barrel and elephant guns - that is great!!!
  13. Hoey

    Honda Eu2000 Tune Up

    Beisswengers Hardware in New Brighton. Top sales of Honda Gens and excellent service. Beisswengers
  14. Hoey

    Garage Floor Resurface

    I had a contractor do my garage floor. Here is the work order and quoted amount. Work To Be Done: *Epoxy concrete garage floor. (784sq.ft.) -­‐Shot blast surface of floor. (Work Shop area) -­‐Light acid wash over existing floor, let dry over night. -­‐Apply primer coat of commercial grade epoxy. (4mil 650 Armor seal) -­‐Apply flakes to primer coat, 100% coverage. (4mil) -­‐Shop Vac. Up flakes that didn’t adhere to the floor. (Colors will be gray and red in color) -­‐Apply coat of clear commercial grade epoxy. (4mil) -­‐Final coat of Armor seal 650-­‐sealer coat. (2mil) -­‐Cure time-­‐ 24 hours for foot traffic and 72 hours for vehicle traffic before use. Total Cost: $3,400
  15. Sounds like you bought this motor online. If you got it from a brick-and-mortar dealer, they should be able to do this for you.