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  1. I usually find the shells in the house. I hope a mink or weasel didn't get em.
  2. With this guy hanging around, the mallards, woodies, hoodies, and other birds are no where to be seen. I believe this is a red shouldered hawk.
  3. I try to manage my straps so that I can see the ratchets from my side mirrors. It makes it easy to see if something is going back there.
  4. Lake of the Woods, Rocky Point Resort, the "fog" was smoke from Canadian wildfires. Here is another one. Fourth of July WE.
  5. Hoey


    The cardinals seem to like my MAGA hat in my back yard. They fly by and land nearby to check it out.
  6. Thanks Leech i am going to do this as a preventative
  7. At home I only use a snowblower as the driveway is only 30' x 20'. At my cabin I have 150' x 20' driveway/parking and use the plow to clear everything and then the blower to pitch the snow out level to avoid drifting. Plows can cover a lot of area quickly. Blowers are somewhat slower. Each has advantages and disadvantages... Solution all depends upon the situation.
  8. McQuiods on Mille Lacs rents sleds. https://www.mcquoidsinn.com/snowmobiling/ Like Leech said, that $200+ is a pretty standard rate.
  9. The wife and I did this too. All comments are pretty spot on. I can only add that used radios or walkie-talkies to communicate during the procedure and that worked well for us....
  10. The Blaine event is small and to the point. All of the main players are there. The parking lot seemed full, but the turnover of folks leaving made it a non-issue for us. The St Paul show this weekend coincidenced with the Disney on Ice shows at the X and something going on at the Children's Museum. Booth ramps on the river side of Kellogg were full before the VIP, 11am doors opened. We ended up parking 6 blocks away in a hotel ramp. We were yelled at by a cute, mid-40s aged gal with f-in heimers about our inability to "read something," probably the crosswalk lights. There w
  11. I plan to attend. Nothing to purchase. Did some buying at the Blaine Hard Water Expo. I will be just looking for OEM stickers for my new sleds.
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