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  1. I think the Vikes had a good draft. Boring Thread once all the Johnny Footballers tucked tail n ran. I know that was last years draft, but that was so so so sad. Why so quiet JFBALLERS?
  2. SFC

    Vikes vs Fudge??

    Put greeway in the middle of the field in a wheelchair that will improve our lb play
  3. Looking to get a 6inch nils hand auger next year in the 42 inch length. I currently have the 8 in 47 in length plus power auger. Do they sell just the 42 have not seen it online except with the power drill.
  4. SFC

    Auger in the drink

    If you can spot the auger with a camera. Use conduit or PVC pipe thread tie wire through pipe make a loop when u hook the auger pull the wire tight to pipe n pull up. Conduit could be brought out in shorter lengths with couplers to get the desired length.
  5. Where did he end up sending his nils auger bit? Do you have a address ?
  6. If auger is new and you cant return , go buy the exact model put the junk bladed one in the box and get a refund. The auger should work without you having to mess with shimming the blades, being that it is brand new. Where are all u strikemaster slush pushers ? Help this guy out!
  7. I was paying a extra 45 a month had everything covered under ser.+ . 3 years ago had them come clean and inspect my furnace for 100 bucks, they cleaned it and when done said my heat exchange had a crack in the face plate that he hadnt noticed before he started the service. I needed to replace the furnace plus pay for the cleaning. About 2 years ago had them clean and check out the air conditioner because we were having a party with about 50 people coming and it was hot out. 2 days later air not working, they couldnt make it back to check it out for2 weeks. Payed someone else to fix the air, Canceled the service havent had a problem since am about 900 dollars ahead. Put away that extra money to fix your own problems.
  8. Bought a new car in Sept. the under coating still will leave a black residue on my fingers, is getting this put on worth the price or just a scam. A week after getting the car I was looking under the car and touched the undercoating, my fingers were coated with the undercoating. It washed off my fingers with water. Called the dealer, first guy said it should be dry after a week, service manager checked it after 2 weeks,said was normal and would dry. His fingers were also coated with the undercoating,he said he would have to get something to get that off his fingers because it wasnt water soluble. Scam for the undercoating or bad product?
  9. Check them both out, set them up fold them down,dont just look at the displayed model. The clips on my clam yukon 3 years old no problems.
  10. Call the stone yard that sells this type of stone. After you find out what is needed ask for a donation on products needed for install. Mighty bond or another bonding agent or wire mesh.
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