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You know the guy next to you is fishing too close when (just for fun)


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- When the guy next to me asks where i bought the sign on my shack that reads "If you can read this your fishing too close".

- When your neighbor doesn’t have to ask "what are they biting on", because its easier to just look.

- When I hand them a flyer for our guide service and explain they already have a tab started. smile

- When they mistakenly try to set the hook when YOUR bobber goes down.

Fisherman 1: "hey, wanna know how to keep a guy that fishes too close to you in suspense?"

Fisherman 2 "How?"

Fisherman 1: "I'll tell you Tomorrow"

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When you catch his fish on your line.

Had it happen on a local lake once. Guy must have not been paying attention. his line and crappie get wraped around my line. We were only about 15ft apart, didn't know him but had a little fun at his expence wink

Had this happen to me this past weekend...Only difference is that it was my nephew and it was in my portable. He said he had a bite and lifted his rod...nothing there? I got a bite, lifted my rod, then he had a bite, I reeled in and wallah, there was his blue line, his white gil pill and my glow lindy fatboy and orange line with "our" 'gil on the end.

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When you see him pacing off the legal ten feet he needs to be away from your fish house. Then they constantly come in your fish house to warm up and they watch there bobber from your window. You realize this was there plan all along hence the hole 10 ft from your window. As you enjoy a cold beer they say "the only reason I didn't bring beer was I thought I would be to cold for one, but I could sure go for one now".

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Yes Boar, that actually happened.. I was catching nice gills and he kept creeping closer and closer.. I went to take a fish off and reach behind me for my glove and when I turned around his line was goin down my hole.. I just said [PoorWordUsage] are you doing? he said Im gunna CATCH FISH TOO if it takes all day. SO seeing it ws a 10 in hole i sent my line back down and still caught a fish before him smile... he promptly left saying a few expletive deletes wink

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