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  1. basssmasher*

    Frabill straightline 101 spooling...

    Just picked up a new Frabill straightline 101 combo... trouble is I have no clue how to spool these things!! can anyone help a guy out or sharwe a video please?? Thanks!! P.S. i wont need flyline backing as the spool is rather shallow
  2. basssmasher*

    Hummingbird 597

    Don't know if this will help you or not but I fished a 597 last yr next to an lx-1 with no problems..we were maybe 4 feet apart
  3. basssmasher*

    Giant Smallmouth On Video!!!

    do you also guide for icefishing Simcoe perch?
  4. basssmasher*

    How to gain confidence in a jig?????

    I am Para's brother, he and I are alike in not liking fishing with jigs.. lol so we are putting out a calling to anyone who would like to show us the "ropes" per se. as neither of us have boats
  5. It would be nice if somehow we could just post photos from our smartphones
  6. basssmasher*

    How to gain confidence in a jig?????

    I prefer senkos anyway, but not too fond of using them for a deep water bite cuz I like to fish em weightless..Another reason I need to learn to fish jigs well!
  7. basssmasher*

    How to gain confidence in a jig?????

    I'm thinking if you guys are getting fish on jigs, come out to western Mn and show me how to use them too please!! Jigs are a big weakness of mine also!
  8. basssmasher*

    Share good music

    Actually they have a lot of good tunes but North Country is catchy!
  9. basssmasher*

    Share good music

    I have good music with good local flavor and it ties into fishing!! look up Rocket Club and the song North country http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=rocket+club&ei=UTF-8&fr=moz35
  10. basssmasher*

    St. Cloud area bass league?

    hat is the entry fees for the wknd tourneys Triton?
  11. basssmasher*

    St. Cloud area bass league?

    Triton, are these weekend deals or week nights?
  12. basssmasher*

    New to fishing with jigs

    Thanks for all the advice guys!! Trouble is I'm boatless and would want to "experiment " with jig fishing before I fish in tourneys as a non- boater.. Anyone have any suggestions or want a fishing partner for a day.. I'd split all gas ect
  13. basssmasher*

    St. Cloud area bass league?

    triton.are non-boaters allowed too, as I have no rig ?
  14. basssmasher*

    New to fishing with jigs

    I need help bigtime in this area as I'm not very experienced with using jigs with /withought trailers... Dunno where or when to try em, I'm usually a plastics /spinnerbait topwater guy... the more info I can get on here the better!! Thanks!
  15. basssmasher*

    Bass Professor died??

    Just curious if this is true, heard Doug Hannon passed away. If so my thoughts and prayers to the man who gave so much to the sport of fishing and the public!