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  1. fishersofmen

    Who's ready?

    My son and I got 9. Should have had our limit. Lot of teal zipping around! Lot of mosquitos too!!
  2. fishersofmen

    Who's ready?

    Here we go!!
  3. fishersofmen

    Your first sled?

    Moto Ski Capri 250 think 71 or 72. Had the rubber cleated track on it. My dads friend gave it to me because I would drool over his El Tigre 5000. Then it went to a Yamaha GP338, 1980 Scorpion TK440, 1989 Polaris Indy 500, 1993 Polaris XLT 580, 2001 Yamaha SXR 700, 1980 Yamaha Enticer 340 (kids), 1989 Yamaha Exciter 570, 1994 EXT 550, and now a 1998 ZL 500.
  4. fishersofmen

    Twins 2017

    Well I should be able to get some really cheap tickets from here on out....
  5. fishersofmen

    Wild 2016-17 Regular Season

    I think the only team that can stop us from getting to the finals at this point is Chicago. They look very good right now. I hate that team, but we do have a good shot this year and I think we win in a series. Bruce said the new guys should get in right away so tonight should be fun to watch!
  6. Just read 3 young guys lost their lives down there duck hunting over the weekend. I cant believe not one of them had access to a life jacket or something if the boat flipped over. Maybe they didn't bring any with who knows it doesn't say. Really sad though. (CNN)The bodies of three men who disappeared during a duck hunting trip on Texas' Gulf Coast have been found, authorities said Sunday. Authorities identified the hunters as Starett Burke of Wallisville, Texas; Spencer Hall of Mont Belvieu, Texas; and Chris Ruckman from Dayton, Texas. Their bodies were recovered Saturday in a bay near Corpus Christi, the US Coast Guard said. The three men had reportedly launched their 17-foot, flat-bottomed boat in a bay between Port Lavaca and Palacios before sunrise Friday morning, the Coast Guard said. Ruckman's girlfriend called the Coast Guard when the men failed to return as expected. The men's boat was also recovered. The incident is under investigation, but officials do not expect foul play, according to CNN affiliate KPRC. The Coast Guard confirmed there was a small craft advisory on the water all day Friday and conditions were choppy. The Coast Guard, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and Calhoun County Sheriff's Office launched a land and water search early Saturday morning with the help of a plane and helicopter. It was not immediately clear what led to the men's deaths.
  7. fishersofmen

    Sorry Ladies!

    Was the extra 5 horse worth the $130 upcharge... I would say going from 10 to 15 it probably was.
  8. fishersofmen

    Merry Christmas Everyone

    Feliz Navidad!!
  9. fishersofmen

    Snowmobile helmets

    Anyone on here use an open face for sledding? My boys prefer them and say they don't get cold but I don't believe them. Seems like a lot of the younger guys out there have them now.
  10. fishersofmen

    Drinking while camping

    I love alcohol. It makes me a jolly good fellow.
  11. fishersofmen

    Waterfowl Reports

    Good luck Bryce hope everything goes okay. Always enjoy the pictures.
  12. fishersofmen

    Teddy goes down

    Haha! Can't find a loss on the schedule.
  13. fishersofmen

    Teddy goes down

    Big win for the team today. Not many folks thought they would go into Carolina and leave 3-0. If this offense can get their sh$t together this may be a fun year. Defense is the real deal.
  14. We got a few Sat morning saw lot of birds but not many would come in.