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  1. I've had 3 hubs. The first was a 6x6 off brand, it was a good shack but wanted bigger so I sold it and bought a clam summit (6x8). My opinion: a perfect 2 man shack, just wish it was insulated and I had the floor. I really like the shack though. Last spring I got an eskimo 6120i for when I take my wife and kids or have 3-4 guys fishing. After owning an insulated hub I would never buy a hub that's not insulated.
  2. Pooh

    Ice 55

    I've been using my ice55 for 4 or 5 winters. Never used the suspension cable hummingbird supplies. I've never had a problem.
  3. Just an fyi for everyone. I bought a set of strikemaster lazer blades. They bolt on just fine, size and shape seem to be identical. Now I just have to wait till next year to give it a try.
  4. Bought the auger used, triangle shaped blades with a curve to them. Looks like eskimo stopped making them. Anyone know why? They look just like a Strikemaster lazer blade, any one know if they are identical? Anyone with experience with them? I'm just looking for any info I can find. Auger won't cut, guessing new blades are in order, if I can get them
  5. Is it the quick connect hose? If so, I use a key to push in the center of the brass end. It purges the air from the hose. Takes much less time to get the pilot to light.
  6. Pooh

    Nils Resharpening

    May be a dumb question, but is that all he sharpens? Looking for someone to do Eskimo 8" turbo cut blades
  7. Pooh

    20# vs 1#

    I refill my one pounders for early and late ice. Run a 5 lb tank when the wheeler is being used. 20lber when I drive my truck
  8. Thermocouple needs to be replaced the way it sounds to me
  9. There was a pizza place that delivered pizzas to the access around here. No adult beverages but pizza and pop. I heard they would come to your fish house door on smaller lakes. Just had to be able to signal the deliverer when he called.
  10. Its been real hit and miss (no pun intended) on when it misses. Today anywhere from idle to highway speed. it has progressively gotten worse. Started when you where around 50 going uphill. Today it was in town, on the highway and at idle. On the highway when I got on it to accelerate back to 65 I could feel the motor plane out with all cylinders firing and kick back to to running on 7. I just figured it should throw a code by now. Guess its time to get it to the shop before it gets even worse
  11. Its got a 5.4 129000. Been good to me! Its got a miss. Guessing its time for plugs and coils. Had one fixed last summer after blowing on me. Other than that, is been good. My question is. How long our bad does a miss have to be before it actually throws a code for the check engine light?
  12. Pooh

    Best auger

    I'm no auger expert. Ive owned a mag 2000 {junk as far as I'm concerned) and an Eskimo stingray. Also used a jiffy 30, jiffy white lightning(I think is the model) and an Eskimo mako. I like the stingray the most. By no means is it real fast, but much faster than my mag 2000 and also runs all around better, not to mention lighter. That's my 2 cents I guess
  13. Danlure freedom jigs (love em)6 bucks per 5 pack Can never have to many mantels for the lantern 2 bucks Buckets. A guy can never have enough in different shapes and sizes Auger blades so they are always sharp... price? Propane be it a tank or one pounders
  14. on here we see so many forums on rants and raves. Many fellow FMers looking for advice and opinions. Today I would like to invite you to try freedom jigs. Last night was the first night I had to give them a real head to head with my other tackle. To which 2 freedom jigs out fished all my other tackle 2:1. Check em out. Made and assembled in the USA. Have any of you seen these jigs before? Or maybe even used them. Give em a shot, they impressed me!
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