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  1. I think the whole team had the day off today. Dubs gives a lot of credit to Garth Snow for helping him. Especially with handling the puck. He is definitely get bounces and rolls. How many in the last couple of games have rolled up or bounced up off his shoulder and not gone in? As for the system, he is facing 30 shots and stopping them. I could see if he was only facing 15-20 per game it being the system. I hope our goalie coach doesn't try to help him.
  2. I think Dubs looked a little off tonight. For the first time in a while he didn't seem as quick. I still think the Wild need to shoot more. They seem to always be looking for the pretty play. Playoff hockey, which I consider them playing now is crash the net and score dirty goals.
  3. The 4th line IMO is playing well and scoring because they shoot and crash. When the other lines figure that out we will be scoring 4 goals per game. How many times does a player for the Wild pass when they have the puck in the slot or have a clear lane to the net? Very frustrating to watch especially in close games.
  4. Here is a stat for you. Ovie was a -35 last year and had 79 points. I would take him. Stewert is just what we need. Fletcher kind of made the decision after the Av's game. The pick up will hopefully make every forward step up their game and move this team to the next level. I think Carters deal was only a 1 year. Not sure though. I think Stewert will be here next year. I am happy with the Leopold pick up. Gives us another Dman that can run the power play. The Rangers went all in and the Hawks Jets made some deals. The Sharks and Flames bailed.
  5. Carter is a middle weight, Stewart is a heavy weight. The Wild need to send a message that if you go after our stars, ie Granlund we will go after yours. Not to mention maybe clear a puck into the Av's bench at Roy. Mcloser is a hack and only out there for one thing. And Berrie's elbow to Prosser's head. Roy Rogers wants Bergie fined and suspended for the hit on McKinnon when it was McKinnon's own stick that did the damage.
  6. My guess would also be Veilliux. Schoeder is obviously an asset until we play a physical team. I would think Schoeder Haula and Brodz on 4th line could be fun to watch.
  7. Well, I put that game on Vanek. How many times does he have to pass up a shot from the slot before Yoe lights him up? He is a goal scorer and he is trying to be a total playmaker.
  8. Don't get me wrong, but the Wild are winning games against teams that are not playing them physical. They can skate with just about any team. When the other team plays physical that is when they have trouble. Especially when the refs let the extra dump go on. I hope they keep rolling.
  9. The Jets got Stafford and Myers, a couple of prospects and a draft pick. They get bigger and the Wild, well they will get thumped some more.
  10. So are the tires new and the noise is gone? If the tires are new and the noise is still there, I would say wheel bearing or axle not disengaging.
  11. Dubnyk definitely won that game. The Wild seem to be getting a little puck luck in their zone. If they had any in the O zone it might have been a 5-0 win. Kemps I think is a product of 1)had a very good season last year,2) got the big contract, 3) to immature to handle that. Now he is in the minors pouting but still making the big money. We will find out soon how bad he wants to play in the NHL or just wanted the money.
  12. Don't know how to post pictures, but I still have an old wood Christian bro's wood stick with the white shaft and black blade. The price on it, $5.99 I would use it for boot hockey and shooting pucks with the kids in the driveway. As far as skates go, My Ultra Tacks Pro model I bought my first year of Jr. hockey cost me $135.00 back in 1980. The Jofa's I had before that, probably 3 years earlier were $40
  13. I partially blame Lucia. He let his team get beat in the championship game by one player. He doesn't seem to be able to motivate his team or adapt during games.
  14. Zucker has always been a goal scorer. He needed to figure out defensive play 1st to get playing time in the NHL under Yoe's system. Coyle when he plays physical he is a beast, when he doesn't he is average at best. Granland need to try and put on some man weight. He can dangle but in the NHL when you do that with your head down you won't survive. Broten did it I think Granny can to if this team gets 1 or 2 tough guys that will stand up for their teammates.
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