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  1. JeffB

    Tire Size/Manufacturer Advice

    My opinion and experience tells me for snow especially ice fishing wider will be worse. If my main concern was travelling on the ice through the snow I would go narrower or the same and as tall as possible. For mud and soft ground wider tires will help, but for snow on top of ice narrower is better.
  2. JeffB

    What to do with my septic mound?

    I wish mine had sprinkler system covering it, due to all the sand and rock they use it is always so dry from mid summer on the grass nearly dies and you don't have enough vegetation to insulate it from the frost. You don't want it wet, but brown isn't great either.
  3. A little trivia for you prime rib lovers. Did you know an 80 lb. yellow lab can eat 7 pounds of prime rib in less time than it takes a man to go to the bathroom to urinate. I guess he didn't think it needed time to rest.
  4. JeffB

    Who has gone from a 4 stroke to a 2 stroke?

    I had a Suzuki 140hp four stroke and it was a great engine. Smooth and quiet and never had a stitch of trouble. Then I switched to a 150 hp E-tech and also love it. More power and it is also very smooth quiet and fuel efficient. The new two strokes are great just like the new 4 strokes.
  5. JeffB

    1 rod rule bypass

    Not unless you want to bring a kid fishing and wrestle the rod away from them if they catch a fish or maybe you could fill the bottom of your boat with ice and say your ice fishing.
  6. JeffB

    Mercury vs Evinrude

    If you can test drive them or at least run in a tank I would buy the one that runs the smoothest.
  7. JeffB

    See ya Later Jared Allen

    The Vikes probably did the right thing not signing Allen, but I loved not watching him play. I'll probably get a little smile seeing his calf roping sack dance next year when we play the bears. I predict he'll still get at least 10 sacks next year with 4 of them coming against the Vikes. Who ever we have at QB will think we made a misstate not resigning #69. The defensive line always needs one player that's half nuts and a stand out player. Who is our next John Randle or Jared Allen to give that feeling of excitement when the QB goes down?
  8. JeffB

    multi tool

    I always have a multi-tool in my pocket and prefer the leatherman. I've they stand behind the warranty and to me they have the best pliers on the market. The thing I don't like about the gerber is when the pliers is closed there is no space between the handles like a regular pliers. There is a reason they are the most popular among people who "work" for a living.
  9. JeffB


    Great game great for NDSU sports. I'd love to see 1 more win for them.
  10. JeffB

    Football, Baseball, Basketball cards

    When I built my house I left a treasure trove of stuff for the person that remodels it someday when I'm gone. Cards, albums, comic books and some old antiques that were to ugly for my wife to display. Some one may find a surprise someday.
  11. Most of the guns come with shims for adjusting the comb, but the length of pull would still be adjusted at the but plate either cutting the stock or adding a larger butt pad or spacer. Some guns even include or sell shims for cast off. I haven't had to adjust the cast off on my guns but the comb has been a different story for me. Many people just live with the fit of their gun even though it can be made to fit very easily. If the gun fits well you should be able to raise it up quickly to shoot with your eyes closed and when you open your eyes you will be looking strait down the vent rib with just the bb in sight and the bb should be should line up perfectly with the center of the rear portion of the vent rib. If you don't see the whole front sight and the back of the vent rib tends to block you view of the front sight then raise the comb. If you see the whole front sight and the top of the vent rib then lower the comb. Adjusting the cast is simple too just shim the gun so your looking straight down the vent rib side to side. Its a little pain in the but fine tuning, but fun and pays in the end. You'll shoot quicker because your not searching to center everything.
  12. If your nose is almost touching your knuckle on your thumb your length of pull is to short. If your just wearing a t-shirt when fitting your gun there still should be at least 1.25 between your nose and knuckle. A guy at the range told me between 1.5 and 3 fingers should fit between your nose and knuckle and that if you add .25 inches to the butt pad it would change your length between knuckle and nose by a full inch. Pick up a lot of guns and pull them to shooting position quickly and see how the sight plain looks. If the gun fits well you should see right down the sight plain and the front and rear bb should be perfectly lined up on target when raising the gun quickly into position. You also don't want to be seeing the top of the vent rib just the sights. If you pull your gun up and see the top of the vent rib instead of looking strait at the bb's you will be shooting high. To solve this some guns come with shims to adjust the comb(drop of the stock) also some offer a slightly raised vent rib. I'm no expert so anyone that is can chime in to give a little more help.
  13. JeffB

    Sump pump problem

    my guess is the check valve right above the pump. Pull it off and make sure there is nothing stuck in it and it functioning.
  14. JeffB

    26 or 28

    +1 for an auto I like a 26" for O/U I like the 28 but try them both out if you can.
  15. JeffB

    High School State Basketball

    Definitely the team not willing to leave its zone defense and go after the ball shares the blame in making it a boring game. As it turns out Hopkins wins and the other team is left wishing they would have went out and gone after the ball. I didn't see the game or care who won, but if your going to not go after the ball and let the other team have the last shot you have nothing to complain about. I do hope this helps bring about a shot clock in Minnesota, it just makes the game more fun to watch.