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  1. Look at last years reg book and it will be similar this year for the parks, cities, etc.! Good Luck!
  2. Deer numbers, tracks, and any deer sign was way down last year for sure! Wolf sign was everywhere!
  3. We need more refuges with good habitat to hold ducks here as they are shot out of the state the first week of the the season!
  4. A friend of mine called me to ask if I knew if he could get a license for the D-H time periods since he didn't see anything during the first time periods. Anybody know as the rules don't say anything about this subject?
  5. No water = no geese! Friends of mine are still hunting them in southeast Nebraska! Too cold!
  6. Wonder ifiz Hotspotoutdoors will have a the Snow Goose Migration Map again this spring?
  7. I just don't get how any money going into any source be it DNR or whatever can benefit deer as the deer don't know how to spend money. And what does the deer licence money do for deer? Where is the money from hunter, etc., going and what good does this money do for deer?
  8. If you can put it in a garage, put an electric space heater in it for a few hours. That is real dry heat and should dry all the moisture up! Works for me every time!
  9. The best time to go fishing, is when you can!
  10. $2.50 at the lowest price for 1lb. tanks isn't worth the price of loosing everything in your household refilling them! Do the math!
  11. 4lb. Trilene XL. Best line ever! 28.5" walleye and 30.5" walleye on this line!
  12. Don't all drills switches have a center neutral position so they don't accidentally turn on?
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