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ice auger problem, i think.


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So the last few years i have noticed a progressing of a few small problems on my strikemaster lazer mag

1. drowning out of my auger. it periodically slows down when the throttle is down all the way.

2. Its a bit hard starting - having to fiddle with the choke untill the unit gets warmed up a bit

3. the unit will not idle - it just kills if i don't keep my thumb on the throttle.

When the auger is at full throttle, and warmed up, it will cut like a bat out of he!!, but getting there can sometimes be tough. Tonight I cleaned out the carb, thinking maybe something in there was causing a problem, and there was little gunk on a few peices but not as bad as i ws thinking. the plug does not seemed to fouled out, and the screen on the gas tank isnt plugged either, so enough gas, enough spark, enough 02... any other suggestions??

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When you cleaned it, did you put in a new rebuild kit? The diaphragms look ok but they get hard and brittle after a few years and don't move in and out very well if at all. Rebuild kits are about $11.99 from D-Rock. wink

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everything seemed pretty flexible, and no cracks in any seals or anything, do you think the carb kit might fix some of these problems, i really think the main problem would be the inability to idle.. that is super annoying.

on a side note, im awefully impressed with myself on taking the carb off and putting it back together, without breaking anything, and with it starting again.. not mechanically inclined whatsoever.. more impressed i even undertook the project

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Here is a video

probably not the same carb but about half way threw he removes the cover for the diaphram. If you can remove the diaphram without tearing it there is what he calls a leever underneath it. Its the little tab that gets out of adjustment. This is a very common problem and just happens with use of the auger and only has to be a little off to cause problems. Usually gets bent down with use and needs to be bent back up just a little.
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D Rock is a Strikemaster service center in the cities, call them and they will be a big help... Last SM I owned it was cheaper and easier to just buy a new carb than try rebuilding the old one, thing was a lemon and still is needing carb work or a new recoil every season...

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