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  1. efgh

    One of the worst I have seen

    I think you replaced the filter, not the pump.
  2. efgh

    Best tip up bait

    I know a person who swears by chicken beef or pork hot dogs. Never tried them myself.
  3. efgh

    Chicken Noodle Soup Sunday

    There is nothing better than homemade soup. I like beef noodle soup, made starting with boiling beef bones to make a base, then chunking up a beef roast, add the vegies you want, spices you like and slow cooking in a slow cooker for 4-6 hrs.
  4. efgh

    Big northern

    Looks like it was caught on hook and line. He will remember this fish as long as he lives. That is a real dandy.
  5. efgh

    Bad transducer cable?

    I think you probley either streched the cable or droped the tran. and broke one of the wires inside of the cable, easy to do, because the wires are very small. When you wiggle or twist the cable it makes better contact.
  6. efgh

    Dispute Over 9 Pt Buck

    Randy H must be pretty proud of himself about now, that is if he read these posts and thinks about what he did to a 11 year old kid.
  7. efgh

    Boiled Dinner

    Pork hochs, saurkrut and dumplings gets my vote.
  8. For campers left on site at a lake or campground that are hooked up to a water supply and not using the camper pump, put 10 gal R.V. anti freeze in the water holding tank and at the end of the year drain the hot water tank, turn the valvesto by pass the hot tank, turn on the camper pump and turn on the hot and cold faucets, that are as far from the pump as the lines go, till the pink anti freeze comes out, then do the same to the rest of the faucets and toilet. It takes about a gal and a half to do a camper. so you should be good on anyi freeze for a few years.
  9. efgh

    2003 Fod E350 Fuel Pump

    I was told to never let the fuel tank get below one quarter full, reason, the pump uses the fuel in the tank to keep cool so it doesn;t burn out. I have owned 2 chev. and three fords with in tank pumps and followed this rule and I have yet too replace a fuel pump. Maybe just lucky, I don;t know.
  10. It looks to me like a prehistoric plumb bob, made by some netherdaul.
  11. efgh

    Artic cat front Diff.

    I have a older A.C. 400. Somehow I twisted off the right front axle. Is this something that happens often or am I just unlucky? How much of a job is it to replace a axle?
  12. efgh

    chevy trailblazer 4x4

    Maybe one of your automatic hubs is not locking in, check both of them to see if they are engaged/
  13. efgh

    My wife thinks I'm nuts!

    You just have to go with what ever works for you. Me, if the wind is out of the east, I will not go fishing.