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  1. Looks like they are pretty well rated. Ill have to give them a call.
  2. I have a 1991 Chev class 3 RV and the transmission is junk. Wondering if I would be better off finding a new/rebuilt one or trying to get the one I have rebuilt? Older RV but only has 40K miles on it and was in California most of its life and in very good condition so still worth fixing. Looking online looks like they are about 15-1800. Probably call a couple places around the NW suburbs on Monday and see how much they want to rebuild it.
  3. Might b a good idea to get something to spray on mold area to help kill it or keep it from getting worse
  4. Will also depend on what soil you have and frost and ice on the ground can also be a problem. If you live where there is a lot of clay that doesn't absorb water getting the water and snow away from the foundation is a must
  5. Landscaping makes a big difference to get the water away from the outside wall/foundation. Pull the snow away from the wall to
  6. ordered the harness to. Now just need some warmer and dryer weather to tear into it. Just needs to be done by fishing opener.
  7. If you have them why wouldn't you just put them on now. I would
  8. Ive got a knock sensor code coming up on my 2002 Chev Suburban so I havnt been driving it as not to do more damage to engine. Waiting for warmer weather to tear into it. Ordered 2 of them as might as well change both seeing have to remove intake to get to them. My question is should I change intake gaskets or anything else when I have intake off. Has about 160K miles on it.
  9. The 600 is a 2 stroke and a different system where the engine runs backwards for reverse.
  10. Rain next week could put a end to the trails around here.
  11. with the creases in that you would have a lot better luck pulling off the fender and pounding it out from the inside. And less damage to the outside paint.
  12. Antennaweb will let you put in zip code and tell you what channels are available and how far away tower is. In Mpls a lot of them come from Shoreview
  13. Im going to pick up an antenna and try it at least on the bedroom TVs to see how it works. I know in the summer I put one of those cheap antennas in the RV that basically look like a piece of paper and got a lot of channels with that and even a good picture. Gets old paying for 100 channels and only watch 5-6 of them and half of those you can get free with an antenna. And the other 95 channels are dump.
  14. Looks like they are on youtube to
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