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  1. What kind of wheeler do you have? Im just waiting for my new Honda Rancher to show up that I put money down on a month ago. Everything is getting hard to come by these days. Starting to look like another winter where we get to ride for a week or 2 in March again
  2. Putting my motorcycles in storage tomorrow and taking the sleds out. Hopefully the trails are rideable earlier this year
  3. To break in new slides they say to run down a hard pack trail or one with little snow on it to heat them up then pull off into snow and let them cool
  4. You definitely want a salt shield as it will keep SOME slush gravel etc off of the sleds but plenty still comes over so you want to have a quality cover on your sled to
  5. They changed all of the wiring harnesses and finally figured out that it was the computer. By the time I got it back all of the snow was gone and put it in storage. Just got it out of storage and hooked up battery and fired right up and reverse is still working. Hopefully we get snow early this year so I can test it out more. The machine is a 2016 and I only got 750 miles on it in 3 years. I guess that's better than the 1995 Jag I have with 1500 miles and the 1998 ZL 440 with 3000 miles on it.
  6. Got all my sleds ready for winter this year so if one breaks down at least I will have a back up. The 2 older sleds havnt been on snow in a few years but a little carb cleaning and they fired right up.
  7. I just changed a drive shaft in my Arctic Cat ZL 440 which is what you have to remove to swap tracks. Probably about a 1.5 to 2 hour job if you know what to do and don't do them all the time. Unless you run into bad bearings you only need chain case lube and maybe a new gasket. Not sure you will save much with back yard mechanic VS someone that's knows exactly what to do and what to inspect when its apart.
  8. I have FL8 SLT that I have had for a spare locator and has seen very little use and looks and works like new. Has new battery and charger. $150 Located near Elk River MN
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