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  1. I have FL8 SLT that I have had for a spare locator and has seen very little use and looks and works like new. Has new battery and charger. $150 Located near Elk River MN
  2. Will be gone fishing for a week so wont be responding to any messages till I get back or someone can delete this if they want
  3. Have an older but like new and was used very little Lawn Boy push mower. Just been sitting around taking up space. Replaced rubber primer bulb added gas and started on second pull and still runs like new. Would work great for home or cabin. I think this should be a steal for $75!!!!
  4. I can get a deal on the St Croix at a reduced price so Im considering one of the high end rods or possibly a couple of the little less expensive ones.Not sure I care for the split grip handle on some of them
  5. Looking at getting a new St Croix jigging rod. Anyone have one you like or can recommend one.
  6. Finally got around to bringing RV over to Natco to get transmission checked out. Turned out to be the speed sensors on transmission which ended up being 80 in parts and 200 in labor. Much cheaper than a rebuild and got it back in 2 days.
  7. Looks like they are pretty well rated. Ill have to give them a call.
  8. I have a 1991 Chev class 3 RV and the transmission is junk. Wondering if I would be better off finding a new/rebuilt one or trying to get the one I have rebuilt? Older RV but only has 40K miles on it and was in California most of its life and in very good condition so still worth fixing. Looking online looks like they are about 15-1800. Probably call a couple places around the NW suburbs on Monday and see how much they want to rebuild it.
  9. Might b a good idea to get something to spray on mold area to help kill it or keep it from getting worse
  10. Will also depend on what soil you have and frost and ice on the ground can also be a problem. If you live where there is a lot of clay that doesn't absorb water getting the water and snow away from the foundation is a must
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