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  1. JigginIsLife

    Accessories for my Vexilar

    I just got rid of my fl-8 Se. I had the pro pack as i never liked the genz pack. It looked like a 200 dollar machine on top of a 2 dollar box. Personally my opinion is upgrade to the pro-pack, and get a soft sided pack. It more than helps protect and eliminates the need for a mag shield, you can just close the front cover. When they switched to the red cover, they eliminated a zipper.... imo stupid, but hey im not an engineer, nor do i do cost analysis. I like that the pro pack fits into a bucket, and is protected on top by the handle. Myfl-8 had gone through hell and back a few times and still worked like a charm, i had it since i was 16. I also do not use the I bolt, as the float makes it easier to grab and pull out of the hole if needed.... just my .02 everyone utilizes their machine different.
  2. JigginIsLife

    Ice rods.... What's your pic and why

    I had forever used gander mountain rods. Their spinning rods really fit what i was looking for in a rod. Stiff spine, with a fast tip. this combo really allowed me to utilize the rods for multi species. they switched to fugi eyes i think about 8 years or so ago, and in my opinion really stepped up the quality of the rod. Now since they are closing, i will probably be switching over to something at cabelas/ or cabelas brand. I don't have any yet, but that is because my other rods have fared well for the last 13 years. I do have a few odd ball rods, (heavy rod for northern and my UL for the super light bite. other than that, i think they are all gander mtn brand.
  3. JigginIsLife

    Proview Ducer

    got it last year, loved it. yes the S cable is required pretty much anything under 15-20 feet. i loved it
  4. JigginIsLife

    Hole cover install

    I just did my build last fall, and this was a topic for a few days while thinking about the floor. the end result was no silicone or sprayfoam insulation in there for the fact that if one does break forwhatever reason, taking out the screws and putting in a new one is MUCH easier than dealing with all that adhesive.
  5. JigginIsLife

    12v Power inverter

    1500 continuous or 1500 surge? I dont think i plan on running anything bigger than a computer or maybe a tv
  6. JigginIsLife

    12v Power inverter

    I cant find the Search bar again, so I will just start a new thread. I am looking at putting in an inverter into my house, and I am looking for one with plates I can attach it to under a table. Anyone have any suggestions on how big i should go. Im thinking roughly 750W becuase computers (laptops) generally use (as i have seen) about 650-700w of power and im hoping the 750 will cover it. ANyone have any suggestions on brands and/or places to buy that maybe come with a warrenty if something goes amiss? Im also looking for ones that come with the alligator clips or the large battery clips, rather than the cigerette lighter adapter. thanks Jig
  7. JigginIsLife

    Pro View Ducer

    Sea Hage, This is how the 9 degree ducer is suppose to work, It narrows your cone angle and there fore you get a better picture of what is happening directly below your hole rather than a 15 ft radius of around your hole + picking up other lines. Not only does the cone angle decrease it also decreases interference becuase of the increased power of the ducer with a smaller angle to pick up interference. If seeing 2 baits is what you want 2 vexilars is what you need. or increase the width of the cone angle, and then deal with more interference with "duller" view of whats happening below.
  8. JigginIsLife

    Pro View Ducer

    derbier, The S-Cable is twisted and untwisted as I move, So yes as you change depths you have to uninstall and re-install the s-cable. Although it sounds like a lot of work, It really inst. You can have the S Cable on there, and probably be able to read at 40ft, just would need to turn the gain up.
  9. JigginIsLife

    Few Wheelhouse building questions

    If your going to go the 4'x8' sheets of insulation that I would go as thick as you can. if there is room, use the spray foam cans to fill in the cracks and corners, really keeps things tight. Most panels of insulation are similar i think 2.5 r value per 1/2 inch (definitely go to menards for the insulation) Plywood is not necessary, but i would put down some plastic behind the paneling, if any wind does get through it will be stopped there, as well as preventing condensation either way. Inverter is pretty straight forward battery to inverter to 110. I would put lights on 12v and then put an outlet or 2 on the 110. Im not sure about if you need to bypass the inverter if your going to put a 110 jack on the ouside for a generator or hooking up electric. The main reason i say lights on 12v is that LED lights draw so little now, and are so bright, that you can save money on wire as well as on usage. We used solid copper wire from garage door circut, worked great, and easy to run. you can always run speaker wire which is pretty cheap too. If your starting now, a few things that I would wait on to buy (and i know its hard to hold off) is the hole covers, table peices or anthing that you think you maybe can buy at the ice fishing show. I was able to get the table stand, and 2 female pieces for 12 bucks for the whole set up, also hole covers are the cheapest all around, even clist, or anything. A few notes of wisdom that i found after our build this year. 1. 3/4 in green treat for the floor is probably a bit much 5/8 or even 1/2 is probably enough depending on the cross bracing on the trailer. 2. Insulating the floor is now a must, but covering with plywood or something seems redundant. We didnt cover our insulation on the floor with anything just used industrial strenght glue the pl whatever and then left it exposed on the bottom side. 3. leaving an option for solar was a great idea i had...after the fact. There are some pretty cool things being done with solar, and getting in on it is cheaper now. 4. Dont skimp on the windows. A good window makes all the difference, in wind, in construction, in everything, so buy a decent window.
  10. JigginIsLife

    Pro View Ducer

    whoops sorry saw fl8 not 18
  11. JigginIsLife

    Pro View Ducer

    I upgraded my fl8 to the pro ducer this past xmas. Its extreamly powerful, i would look into buying an S-cable (suppression cable) that reduces the power between the machine and the ducer. Its about 10 or 12 bucks at fleet, and will make a world of a difference when you are in less than 18 ft of water, otherwise all your jigs are a solid 1/4 inch red blip even with the gain down and the smallest lure. It is an easy connect on the back of the machine. Other than that, the pro ducer has worked great, eliminated basically all interferece with other machines and gives a big of a better picture directly below my hole, rather than viewing larger area it has really narrowed the cone angle.
  12. JigginIsLife

    Lets make a million! ! ! !

  13. I used a sunflower heater as long as i can remember. My dad and I have both gotten big buddy heaters about 8 years ago and neither one of us have looked back. smaller chance of burning the house and the pant leg has been worth a ton. I still have my sunflower for what its worth. Its always my back up when things go wrong.
  14. JigginIsLife

    New Pro View for xmas..opinions

    Lawrence, You couldn't have answered my question more fully, thank you so much! I think we need to have a perm thread somewhere with Vexilar, Marcum, Bird, etc Equipment helpful videos. I never even thought that Vexilar would have a video like this.
  15. JigginIsLife

    Best way to light a portable?

    http://www.tmart.com/72cm-LED-Strip-Car-Flexible-Light-Bar-Line-White_p104827.html Cheapest price by far, and can run atleast 6 days on a regular vex battery. I have 4 in my house, lights it up like the 4th of july when all of them are on. I have them all on a rocker switch panel so i can control them, depending on how my house is set up and what im doing inside the house. different lengths (all in metric though) but this is by far the best deal. I had them zip tied and electrical taped up so they wouldn't move, and they have lasted me 7 years, and i still have 2 strands of the original 3. I broke one when i had a hub style house and was in a gnarly storm up on leech