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    Got My Sled Ready For The 18/19 Riding Season

    Should be getting 2 of my sleds out of storage in the next week or so and have to bring my other one back from up north to repair. Hoping for a snowy winter. Also cut a trail threw the woods at my place up north for easy access to the snowmobile trail.
  2. Have a All American 25 QT pressure canner for sale. These are the heavy thick aluminum ones. New they are $300 + Looking to get $150 for this one. Will post pics a little bit later. Located near Elk River MN Wont respond to low ball offers!!
  3. I have a Heavy Duty 3/4 HP commercial slicer for sale with built in sharpener in great shape. Hunting season is around the corner and if you process your own game this will cut some nice steaks etc. $400
  4. Walleyehooker

    Rv Transmission problems

    Finally got around to dropping pan on trany. Fluid didn't look bad a little dirty as to be expected but not bad. No sign of metal shavings. Going to replace filter and add fluid and some additive and hope it loosens up what might be sticking in valve body. Might be a long shot but wont cost much to try.
  5. I think the tranny went in my RV. Drives in lower gears 1 2 and 3 but just revs up in overdrive. Fluid smells burnt but havnt dropped the pan yet to see whats in there. Its a 1991 Chevrolet chassis and I'm pretty sure its going to have the 700R4 overdrive tranny in it. Rig is older but spent most of its life in California and is in really good shape with about 40K miles on it. So if tranny is toast what would be the best way to go. Pull it and get it rebuilt. Buy a rebuilt one or buy a new one. First thing I plan on doing is getting a good set of ramps to pull it up on so I can get underneath it to pull pan and work on it.
  6. Walleyehooker

    Picked this up at a yard sale today

    I might just have to use it for that if I go to Haydays or the grass drags
  7. Not sure if somebody put a lot of time in to make this or if it was something Arctic Cat made. I could see someone pulling this around Hay Days.Thought it was just to cool to pass up.
  8. Walleyehooker

    Picked this up at a yard sale today

    Picked it up for $40
  9. Pair of loading ramps. Weight capacity is 700 pounds each. Very good condition. $50.00 for the pair. Live near Elk River MN
  10. Walleyehooker

    Cooking the perfect steak.

    I won a box of steaks at a bar/restaurant one time that came off of the food truck that deliver to many resturants. And the directions said do not thaw cook from frozen. So I believe many resturants cook these same steaks from frozen and you didn't even know it.
  11. Walleyehooker

    1994 1750 Tyee Renovation

    Had pretty much the same boat a long time ago. Doesn't the Yamaha digital gauge have trim and temp built into them.
  12. Walleyehooker

    Whats my slicer worth?

  13. Walleyehooker

    Whats my slicer worth?

    I have a commercial grade meat slicer that I don't use enough and wondering what its worth. General slicing is the manufacturer. Anybody familiar with these and what they are worth? Thinking about possibly selling it. Did a little searching on line and seem to be anywhere from 500-1500+ Its heavy and has the built in sharpening system.
  14. Have 2 pair of Costa sunglasses and cases for sale. Very good condition. $80 a pair FIRM!!! Only selling because I bought new prescription Costas. Live near Elk River.
  15. Scotts 15HP 42 inch and a Craftsman 19HP 42 inch. Both in good shape and well maintained. $300 Each
  16. Live in Otsego near Elk River. The Scotts is sold
  17. Walleyehooker

    Saw first motorcycle out today

    Is that a sign of an early spring?
  18. Walleyehooker

    Saw first motorcycle out today

    I took a short ride the other day but still a little chilly out in the breeze. Streets were pretty good as they were out sweeping them before the last snow. Saw a lot of bikes out the last couple of days. Don't forget to put your new licence tag on as I almost did.
  19. Walleyehooker

    Picked up my new Hustler today

    Will take a little bit to get used to but will spend less time mowing this year and more time doing fun things. If anyone is looking for and older cheaper riding mower I will have a couple of them for sale as soon as I get them out of storage next week. Ones a Craftsman and ones a Scotts. Both well maintained and good shape and will be in the 250 to 300 range.
  20. Walleyehooker

    Pivot Points on Ice Castle

    I don't know anything about these but if you can put some heat to it , it might help
  21. Walleyehooker

    Picked up my new Hustler today

    SG is a 2013 with about 4K miles on it.