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Your towns shop labor rates

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Over the years of working on cars I have been blown away by the difference in shop labor rates from one town to the next. Alot of shops now wont even list or tell you their labor rates any more because they are ashamed/afraid to tell you.

The previous shop I worked at is 20 miles away from where I live. There rate was at $120 per hour for technical work. The town I live in is at $60. I heard from a shop in southern MN and they just upped theirs from $40 to $50 per hour

What is the rate at your shop/town?

Please no shop names!

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Our dealership is at $130/hr. I think that is way to high.

...and they wonder why they only get the warranty work with that price.

I've seen small engine shops from $70 -$85 around the south metro.

Dont know what the auto shops charge.

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