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  1. Dogpaddog dot Com is in Jordan and has a bus for pick up and delivery if you are in the neighborhood. The dogs are out running all day, weather permitting. Check out the Web site for pics. Mine go there once a week and come home tired. No kennels inside for boarding either unless a dog is misbehaving or owner requests it.
  2. I've seen on some WMA's that they put up no shooting signs due to houses on the next property. So people can still do dog training or bird watching, but no shooting in the buffer zone. FYI
  3. Thanks for the info, now I gotta go do some sheet rockin'.
  4. I got a deal on a HD projection TV along with the pull down screen 60" diagonal that came with it. I am using the pull down screen because it is in the basement and it is unfinished, but with the size of the screen, the 16:9 resolution makes the viewing small, so I set it to 4:3 so it fills the entire square screen. I would like to move the projector back farther to make the picture bigger on the wall and change it to 16:9 for true HD picture, so that means removing the pull down screen and putting up some dry wall. My question is, once I get the drywall up and taped on that wall, what is going to be the best color to use on the wall for the best picture? Is a pure white the best choice? (I'm assuming so but just looking for opinions) Also would you use a flat finish, or semi gloss? Assuming I wouldn't want a high gloss on the wall.
  5. If your talking about my system, I didn't use the slave / master thing. If your talking about the drive i'm trying to get access to, how can you change that?
  6. The one HD shows up as Drive F and a message comes up that says I need to format the drive before I can use it. I think these 2 old ones are dead or corrupt. I'll have to wait to get the other one back to check it out again. That one bogged down my system when I plugged it in and it only showed the drive letter with no other info.
  7. Here is the set up I'm using to connect. I have done this for another friends drive that was corrupt and used Recouva on it. It showed up as a drive in the computer and I was able to access it. I dont know how to tell if it was compressed.
  8. Sorry, I had that wrong. It is a Sata plug. I have one of those two cord deals from Micro Center, where one plug goes to the outlet with a transformer and then plugs into the wider slot, and then the Sata plug from drive to USB in computer. I'm going to run the dogs now, but will get back to this later and post some pictures of error messages etc. The drives are all Samsung internal hard drives. Guessing the older ones had XP or vista on them as an operating system, and the newer drive was said to originally be vista and then was upgraded to W7. There was no mention of having encrypted disks...so that is what makes it so weird.
  9. Im doing some work for a friend and trying to get some files off a couple old hard drives. I have the cord that connects ide to usb port. Ive used recouva program beforr to get data off of other drives, but in order to use it, the drive must be initialized. These drives show up as a drive letter but when I go into administrator , disk management to initialize it throws an error. There are 3 drives and it is hard to believe they all would be corrupt. What are issues that would prevent a drive from being accessed? How does an encrypted drive react when hooked up? Is it possible that the drive is in a different format than my computer? I have a built computer with W7 64 bit and 3 hard drives built in all Ide, not in an array or none of that stuff. The one drive that im trying to pull from was on a w7 machine. First time I hooked it up I could see the users folder but clicking on it it gave security error, but after that it wouldnt even show that. Only the drive letter and no data useage. Is there special software needed in some instances or do I need to mount the disk and try to boot from it? If I cant get it to recognize it via usb, it doesnt seem reasonable that it would recognize it direct?
  10. Sounds like the 80% is over what he would get for unemployment for the season which is based on the previous 3 quarters prior to the last one. Is the "by the inch" figured at the job sites or at MSP? Could get screwed that way also. Some guys collect unemployment and then do "by the hour" which they "have" to report to unemployment that counts against the benefits. I'm not advocating for unemployment (as a former business owner) but that is what some do. I would tell him to take the 80-85% pay as it is guaranteed and counts as full time employment on a resume...which can go along way in getting another job down the road. Yea you may make more on a per hour basis if we get frequent snow storms, but guaranteed money is always good to count on.
  11. Sending it in was always on the agenda, but never got around to it. Still debating whether to sell the T&B (after getting it fixed) and get the GPS & Ecollar combo from Garmin or just get the GPS collar and add it to the 2302 for the correction / recall ability. Does Dogtra need a RMA before sending it in or do you just mail it off and see what they charge ya?
  12. Its not just a delay, its like worn out or loose connections on the beeper bitton. Sometimes it works fine, other times you have to grind on it to get a tone. I use these on our dogs in the yard also on acreage so I can locate quickly if they are out of sight. That also is where a gps collar would be useful.
  13. I have 2 sets of Dogtra Ecollars - The 2502 T&B and the 2302NCP obviously both 2 dog systems for my 2 GSP's. The 2302 is used around the yard and at the game farms, and the 2502 T&B is used in the field to locate the dogs being they range and in the cattails so I can know where they are. The buttons on the 2502 control are not consistent for some reason where the beeper doesn't go off when pressed regularly. So was looking at getting a GPS collar to replace the T&B collar for the field and was looking at Garmin. They have a straight GPS collar that seems like the cats meow but it is only GPS, so I would need to have 2 collars on the dog. Is that decent for the dog to carry 2 collars? Garmin has another 2 dog collar out with the GPS and the Tritronics Ecollar combined. This seems like it would be the way to go... Any other good GPS - Ecollar combinations out there?
  14. Hey guys, haven't been on the site much in the last year or so, but still see everyone's posts via the email feature. Here are a few I shot from the south metro fireworks. This last one was putting a different perspective on the fireworks theme.
  15. I turned our tank are into a rock garden. Still accessible. Put fabric down under mulch.
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