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  1. Phenomenal fish were displayed at weigh in. I think this will help the economy there once it airs on tv and what the anglers were saying about the fishery. I wonder if the state is calculating how much money was generated in the area; it would be nice to hear the dollar amount. My wife and I had a great time there and getting to meet many pros was fantastic. Can't wait to see it on tv in October. Anyone know what days it's being shown? And is it on espn or espn2?
  2. Saturday sounds like a fun time, bassmasters university will be going on. All 50 anglers participate.
  3. My wife and I plan to attend this. Never been to one. I was planning on being there fri/sat/sun, but it sounds like the fan events are on Saturday at the casino parking lot. So I was thinking of not going Friday if nothing is going on? I read somewhere that they launch at 6:40am each day, when do they need to return?
  4. Have you seen Lund's new Pro V bass boat? Lots of storage and room to fish.
  5. Thanks for the ideas. I think we'll go with the wild rice and some sort of salad, I know everyone likes that.
  6. Never have had turducken and everyone is supposed to bring a side to share with this. Need some ideas that would go with this.
  7. Cicada, great information! My wife and I are rethinking what and where we buy.
  8. Thanks for the information. It's all helpful. We are leaning towards a convection oven and a smooth top cooking surface. We want french door with pull out freezer with drinking water dispenser. I've read reviews and it seems like all brands have bad reviews on certain products. We've also thought about extended warranties. Would like to stick with American made product, even though nothing these days isn't 100% American made. When we're in the twin cities we'll have to look at places like an appliance smart and scratch/dent places.
  9. Moving into a house that we will need to replace kitchen appliances eventually. We talked to Sears and guy was telling us Kenmore puts their name on all manufacturers. No one company makes all good appliances so with Kenmore we could get appliances that each specializes in so we could get the "best" and have one brand for all. Seems like we would pay more than if we went with another brand like GE, Maytag, etc. Looking for information what brands to stick with in a bundle, or would the Kenmore route be best.
  10. My wife and I are already planning to attend this, very excited to experience this. Luckily, in-laws live nearby so we don't have to fork over hotel costs.
  11. Thanks for the links, that helped out.
  12. I looked at a house built in 2010 and it has wood foundation walls instead of concrete. Realtor said it's fairly common to use. This is a first I've seen or heard of it. I've researched a bit on it and there's good and bad reviews about it. Would anyone have any experience with this either building it or having it in your home? Does this affect the value of the home? What should I look for when inspecting the house? The basement is unfinished so I'm able to look behind the insulation. My first thought in the basement is to replace the fiberglass insulation with sprayed in foam insulation. Any information would be grateful so my wife and I can make an informed decision to make an offer on the house or not.
  13. Wondering if anyone has this phone and how it is. We're up for upgrade and it was recommended by sales associate. Verizon running a deal that ends June 30th so I would like some info about phone good/bad so we can decide if we want this one.
  14. I'm going to be looking at a house to buy and was told the owner smoked in the house. Home is 5 years old and main floor finished, basement unfinished. I was wondering if I'm interested in making a bid how do you get rid of the smoke odor from a house? From what I see there's no carpeting except in bedrooms, so those could be replaced. What else could be done so I don't notice the odor?
  15. I love fishing for both and I'm glad I'm near couple lakes (I'm sure there are more that I don't know about)that have both species. Both fish can be caught in a variety of ways.
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