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The Darndest thing (cute kid story)

Shawnny B

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I have a 3 year old that is just the darndest kid, she always manages to sucker candy or something out of the guys at the gas stations, the bait store or even the hardware store, but last night she took it up a level. Heres the Story below..( I know that Im not as good as some of you are about telling stories but I know youll get the jist of this!!)

I got home late from work like I do on a regular basis around 1030ish and go into her room to give her a hug and kiss good night, I put my arm under her and she says no daddy its too big, My first response to her was to say Shhh..its alright go back to sleep, but I realized she was asleep, I asked her what was too big and she had stated that the fishy was too big :). I asked her if she needed help with the big fishie and she said "unhuh" So I told her, Daddy was helping her get the fishy and had asked her what kind of fish it was ( she only knows Crappie and Bass) she stated it was a BIG CRAPPIE, and that she needed HELP! I told her that I got it for her and asked what to do next she said, I want to hold it daddy, my response, Alright here you go, hers Whao its too big daddy let it go, So I proceeded to tell her that I was letting it go, I asked her what next and she said, Love you daddy thanks for the help and out she went sleep.gif

I think shes hooked on fishing, and her younger sister is well on her way! Aint I just the luckest Dad??? grin.gif


Grace stole my Fish!



Thanks Dave AKA Hovermn Without ya around Iwoudlnt be able to take these girls out. Now I just need your help in about ...oh ...14 years or so, you still got that wooden bat right??

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Who says you're not good at telling Stories! That was great! I have the bat hanging on the wall. Maybe we can pull off what Will and Martin did in Bad Boyz 2. Now that was funny!

This summer, we'll have to build her vocabulary out in the boat. She needs to know Northern, Walleye, pannie and Trout! hehe

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • First snapper yesterday. It was looking for Leech!     Was that Leech?
    • Baked taters  grilled pork chops and Califlower  . Had better Califlower though. 
    • Sunset last night on Burntside lake.    
    • Just don’t know where else to put this ray of hope.
    • We get eggs from locals who have chickens.  The difference in shelf life between washed and unwashed eggs was weird the first time I heard it.  Months for unwashed; maybe a month for washed.   Farm fresh is a fair amount different than from the grocery store.  Bigger yolks and thinner shells are two of the more noticeable differences.  I had my first red yolk eggs a few weeks ago.  Kinda freaked me out but it’s no big deal really.
    • Nature is pretty rad.    I think it's cool the eggs can just sit there for some time.  Especially because it can get quite cold.   There are sometimes a dud or two and I first thought it might be because they froze before mom incubated them but they always kick off.  When I have done post mortem examinations of the duds they always have almost completely developed ducklings inside.  I've never found one that was just some yolk.
    • No mosquitos yet, plenty of flies the last couple of days and here is my first spider outside of the house!    
    • I’ve never studied it but I’m pretty sure she has to be full time incubating before they all start.
    • I have a bunch of people telling me to install a camera in the box and set up a webcast.  I know my parents would love it.  Especially my dad, who built the house.     If I ever get around to it, I'll post a link.
    • I wish I would have caught them taking the leap and deciding which mom to follow.  I saw them that morning and it looked like about 2/3 went with one and 1/3 the other.  Definitely some gansers in the mix too.     I've caught the leap once out of 5 years.  I track it pretty close and can predict within about 5 days window of when I need to watch in the morning for mama duck to fly down and wait.  I had it nailed last year but real life prevented me from seeing it happen.   It's interesting to me that the duck lays an egg or two a day and they pile up over the course of a week/week and a half.  But they all hatch on the same day.  Crazy.  It must have something to do with development kicking off when mama duck starts sitting on them full time.  It's cool that those first layed eggs just sit there in a state of suspended animation waiting for mom to start full time sitting on them.
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