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  1. So i live near a lake and there is still 1 ice house left by shore, it has NO Identifing information on it, it has no signs of a license or anything left on it. I have been watching it sitting in its current spot for about 2 1 to 1.5 months now. It needs alot of work, and im afraid someone might soon either set it on fire or destroy the thing. Is there a way i could "adopt" this house or what would you recommend? I would be more than happy to rehabilitate this poor house... Thanks Shawnnyb
  2. being its tax time and you may get a rebate, they do have a lifetime fishing license also
  3. Dave, How come you always manage to get a picture with such a huge fish?????
  4. Shane- If I get my butt in gear and get the countertops in thursday/friday maybe we can meet up out there on Saturday, and your daughter and mine can fish in the house with us? just a thought, otherwise Im sure they can find something to do out in the snow....
  5. Hey everyone Thanks for having us out there, the food was good the fishign was ok, the only bad thing was, I think, for you guys =-) I think hovermn Aka Dave and I will be out there more! All in all we caught 1 itsy white bass, a small white crappie, one 11" white crappie, one 10" black crappie and around 5 walleye/saugers that ranged from 6"-15". Did anyone stay out past sunset and howd ya do? Sorry to hear about your dad Bman, Hope all goes for the best for you two. ShawnnyB
  6. Great meeting everyone, I will be out again next year, and maybe we will be out more if that wind wont be around! Tom, The Crappies were all 8" or less, but still they filled the screen on the Marcum's and the walleyes were around 16" give or take a few.
  7. Yes its a shame that they lost all there stuff, but, if you ask me it was kinda asking for it, its like leaving your car running and running into the store when your parked in Frogtown, WHY???? yeah its a pain to take it all with you and back. but dont be so surprised when you do come back and find it all gone. My .02
  8. 2 years ago at the burntside bash -20 with a rather hefty windchill and it sat in the portable as i walked out to one of the trout lakes, no cover on it, just on the portable, She fired right up ....Dont know what to tell you about it freezing up, maybe poor quality Propane? Shawn Do you use a regulator or 2 1lbers or...?
  9. MMMhmm..and where has it been this year????
  10. Thanks but im getting it for 69 bucks, cant get a color for that price =-)
  11. Schya I told you it happened, otherwise would I have caught this flying out of my @ss?
  12. ok there is sooo much information it gets blurred into one thing on these two, I am getting an H2O the black and white, if i remember right the Navionics has a color deffintion between depth ranges correct? How good is the lakemaster Streets or will the h20's streets blend with the map? Thanks shawn
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