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  1. Intresting story on this, I believe that will be the new "Marine One" that will cary the President. Not sure, but if it was taken near Duluth about a month ago, I heard they were working on that but don't know for sure.
  2. I have fished LOW many times and it is a "hit or miss" proposition. Red Lake to me, has a much better, steady and reliable bite. LOW has so much water to cover if you set up at the wrong debth you are lucky to catch a few saugers. Red gives you a more diverse fish population and it has been my experience a more consistant lake to find and catch fish. Good luck on your trip.
  3. GoFish4

    Rattle reel

    I have also used a Snell and red hook usually used for lindy rigs in the summer. They are usuall tied in a loop and you can get them on/off the rattle reel fairly easily and the ones I use have a glow in the dark bead covering the top of the hook where it meets the line. I have seen them in 2' 4' and 6' lengths, I use the 2' for the rattle reels.
  4. Yep, been waiting, only knock I have found on the Acadia's is thier lack of passing power once at higher speed. Off the line sounds OK but high end passing sounds like a week point. I have a GMC sierra and love it. We plan on keeping it awhile so unless Dodge wants to give away the Durango we will more and likely end up with the Acadia. Not a huge hurry as the wife likes the Jeep she is in now. GMC must be waiting for the new model as not that many Acadia's out there right now.
  5. Thanks CJH. That is what I am looking at. She is up in the air between the Durango and the Arcadia from GMC. She puts on about 20,000 a year so we are looking at how much our gas bill would be. Arcadia is about 22 mpg so depending on price I guess we will have to see what the dealerships have on hand. Thanks for the info!!
  6. I am familuar with the non Hemi durango and like it but it averages around 15mpg. I have found that the MDS tech only comes with the Hemi engine. In the 25 mile to work about 15 of it is Interstate with 8 light city/co driving and then the rest is city driving. Wondering what we could expect with the MDS for overall milage. Anyone out there have a MDS engine?? Thanks GoFish4
  7. Anyone have the Dodge Durango with the MDS technoligy that drops it from an 8 to a 4?? I am looking for a new veh for my wife. Just currious if anyone has one and what the MPG is for freeway/highway use?? I know what they post , but also know that actuall is less then EPA estimates they put on the stickers !!
  8. I have 2 boys that I take fishing all the time. I started both on trips when they were 1 year old. They started fishing around 2 1/2 or 3 yoa. They are now 3 and 5 and the 5 year old is all about fishing year round. As others said, when its time for the ice shack or boat, don't make them fish, let them play with the minnows, fish in the live well ect. If they watch you long enough and you let them reel a few in soon they will want their own pole. Out of both boys I only lost one $10 scooby pole to the lake. Most of all have fun with them being around and enjoy the time talking, laughing or whatever they feel like. If they get cold or tired leave right away so they wan't to come back. If you ask my 5 year old now if he wants to go fishing the answer is always yes!!
  9. GoFish4

    Got Ice?

    Amazing image, I compaired the last 2 days and you can see the ice soften as it changes from bright white to grey. Cool site thanks for sharing!
  10. Basically the land property lines have not been drawn yet. County ordinance will decide lot size. More and likely the owner will draw the lines after to maximize the lots available.
  11. Beer, Tivo and running water for the toilet.....because they all work together when I am not in the outdoors!!
  12. It is a scam, I have seen them from trucks/boats/dogs ect. They send you the payment info, send them some cash and by the time you figure out the Cashier Check is conterfit you have no way to get your money back and you are the one out the cash and product. Buy local or see the item first
  13. I would vote 4 stroke. I have a 17.5 fishhawk with a Honda 90 4 stroke. I have 4 boys under 13 that water ski behind the boat. If you have older kids or larger people (200+ lbs) I would suggest the 115. 4 stoke runs the gammet from slow trolling (2.2 mph/gps) and 36 mph top end. I have no problem with 3 in boat and one on the skis but when my kids get older I could see needing the power of a 115. Good luck on your boat
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