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  1. I had a dog from Smith Farms. Best dog I ever had. I hunt as a hobby not a profession so I don't hunt more than maybe 10 - 20 days a year. So the other 345 to 355 days a year the dog is relegated to family member. So I look for a well-behaved, calm dog since ours stay in our home. We also duck hunt a fair amount so I also look for a dog with the traditional lab coat that will keep them a little warmer when the water temps start to drop. Dogs with show champion lines will be bread with that coat in mind along with the typical health concerns that come with breeding labs (hips, elbows, eyes, etc.) The dog I had was extremely calm at home. She got energetic enough when we were at the field or lake. She also had an excellent nose. Another breeder I have experience with is Whispering Pines near Milaca. They are also top-notch. We have a dog from them right now. Both the dog we have now and the dog we had from Smith Farms are/were smaller labs. 60 - 65 lbs, ~19" at the shoulder. For the first dog I wasn't looking at getting a smaller lab but I really liked all those lab qualities in a slightly smaller package Sorry to hear about the loss of your buddy. Good luck finding a new hunting / ice fishing partner.
  2. It isn't legal to do this time of year anyway, unless you are a C.O.
  3. That's what we have too. We bought it on Amazon, ~ $9.
  4. Nothing to worry about. I have 10-year-old lab that has done that and he is as healthy as an ox. He has no hip issues.
  5. I have had pups from both Smith Farms Labradors and Whispering Pines Labradors and would recommend both. They each have web sites with a lot of information.
  6. I realize your post was 12 days ago and you may have already had the surgery but in the event you have not... Where are you located? If your not too terribly far away from Ely I'd recommend making the trek to the Ely Vet Clinic. Best vets in the world and their prices are extremely competitive.
  7. caseymcq

    Silver Lab?

    Our next litter will be ebony labs... That's marketing genius right there, should be able to charge $200 more than we'd get for blacks.
  8. Yeah, they're suppose to quit using those trails once the trails are groomed. I think people get confused because those are dual use trails.
  9. THANK YOU! I have the spring it just isn't on there because it doesn't stay tight without the bracket.
  10. I have been trying to get a bracket that has been missing from my 1997 ZL 440 for a couple years. I am kicking myself because I have seen it on other ZL's but I haven't taken a picture. I've contacted Arctic Cat and they asked me if I had a picture of the actual part. Does anyone who has a '97 ZL 440 happen to have a picture of the bracket that is mounted to the pipe and sits on the rubber stop? I am including a couple pictures of where this bracket should be. This one is an exploded view from the Arctic Parts catalog. The arrow shows the area the bracket would be in. It would mount between parts 27 & 38. This one is a close up of that area on my sled and those two parts. The arrows point to the area on the pipe where the bracket mounts and the rubber bumper it sits on. Thanks!
  11. I have Bridgestone Dueler AT's on my GMC Sierra. I have been happy with them. They get good gas mileage and have performed decently on the lake. They are very quiet on the road. I had BFG AT's and those were great off road tires. They definitely robbed a few mpg's (being a LT tire vs. the "P" tire I have now the difference wasn't a surprise to me).
  12. I recently saw them on sale for $249 with free shipping... That's a lot of bang for the buck. Or an FL8 SE would be another good option. Relatively inexpensive and still gets the job done.
  13. '97 and'98 XCR 440s were the domestic VES twins (The Red Wedgies). Snappy sleds, 90 hp +/-.
  14. I think I read somewhere they are KBC helmets.
  15. caseymcq


    I have a pair of Klim Klimate Gloves and I love them. Gore-Tex, 200 grams of Thinsulate. The keep my hands warm even on some pretty cold rides. There's even a little squeegee on the left index finger to clear your goggles or shield. I think they go for $70 - $75. I also have a pair of Cabela's Gore-Tex XCR Pinnacle Gloves that I bought on sale for $45 that I think would work just as well. If you can get a pair of those at the same or similar price I think that would be a steal for gloves of that caliber.
  16. We have had pups from Smith Farms Labradors and Whispering Pines Labradors and I would recommend either of them to anyone looking for a lab.
  17. Definitely not anything impressive but I am guessing this one posed because they really wanted to get their picture on the internet.
  18. caseymcq

    Aspen Logging

    There are a few things that may come into play here. What area is the land in? The distance to a mill and/or the logger can be a factor. The operator has to haul whatever equipment they have to the site then transport the wood to the mill. Those distances may influence what a logger is willing to pay. If you are a significant distance away from the mill and the logger doesn't have another sale in the area, 10 - 12 acres may not make it economical for the them. How old is the aspen and what kind of shape is it in? If it is 40 - 60 year old aspen you probably have some valuable pulp wood. If it is 70+ and/or heavily conked may not be too terribly valuable. If you are interested in having a stewardship plan written for your land you may want to contact a local USDA NRCS office and/or MN DNR office. The NRCS may also be able to point you in the direction towards some grants to have the plan written and/or for some of the management activity. The DNR may be able to help you with the contract for the logging.
  19. I've been using a Cabela's Outfitter Series 8MP IR Trail Camera and haven't had any issues with it tanking in the cold. I think it has seen a few nights in single digit temps and has held out very well. 8AA Duracel Duralock batteries and it is still going. It took numerous pictures before and after this one.
  20. Ditto. I have a pair of these and they have been the best boots for cold weather. They have 1,200 grams of Thinsulate Ultra and 9mm Texel liners. When I first got them, I tried them on in the house with a normal pair of cotton socks and the instant I put them on my feet started getting hot. I can stand on the ice all day in below zero temperatures and not only do my feet not get cold they stay very warm. My feet also stay warm and dry standing in water/slush on the lake. They are on sale ($40 off) until Dec. 4th, so now would be a good time to pull the trigger if you are going to get a pair of these.
  21. Chipes, sorry to hear you lost your lab. I totally understand how tough that is. Having read this, both of mine will get an extra squeeze tonight.
  22. I know you said you've had labs and would like to try something different but with the exception of the shedding all the other "must have's", family dog, grouse and duck hunting, good with kids, a lab fits the bill very well. Also, the availability of labs is so good that when you're ready to get a pup you wouldn't have any problems finding one.
  23. I have been told by a couple vets it is all the other pain relievers that are no-no's. I was also told the low dose aspirin (like the stuff people take for their tickers) is the way to go. A glucosamine supplement may also help if it's a joint issue.
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