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  1. I have a large Meta Peep and I went to shooting with both eyes open. This made a world of difference for me.... I can see my target and through the peep!! DL
  2. Congratulations on a beautiful bird and a great memory! DL
  3. Congratulations to you and your son! That thing is a beast!
  4. I'm divorced and have 4 kids from one in the Marines to twins that are 9 years old. Time management is virtually impossible. I love to fish and love to hunt. Time in the woods bowhunting is the most precious time I have. Truly a time to relax and reflect...It is me and the woods. I learn to notice little things that are many times missed when rifle hunting (I get 5 days to rifle hunt and it is just not the same) smells, sounds, critters going about their business, not to mention that the level of excitement when a deer walks in and I have a bow in my hand is second to none. The amount of time we get to hunt with the bow (long season) allows me to hunt when I can. As Paceman said, there are a lot of things that I do for bowhunting that I don't get a chance to do with the rifle (rifle hunt 5 hours from where I live), like scouting, hanging stands, checking cameras....these are things that I can do with my kids. Bottom line is that I definately think it is worth diving into bowhunting. Just plan for the fact that you are not going to get to hunt as often as you would like or maybe you will find you enjoy it so much that other activities may take a back seat, but you have to give it a shot...
  5. Macy passed her Firearms Safety training and was excited to hit the stand this year for the second weekend of the slug season. We allow kids to slug hunt our bowhunting spot and had a lot of deer on camera including some nice bucks. One of the pictures was of a buck we nicknamed Wide Boy - He was about a 250# 10 pointer with an inside spread of 20". Leading up to the hunt, she had her mind set on shooting Wide Boy. This was the first time Macy was going to hunt in a stand (double with Dad) and she was a little nervous. We got into the stand and I wrapped a camo net around it to allow for a little more movement. The double stands are really not big enough, so I stood on the top rung of the ladder to get her more room and a little sense of security that she wouldn't fall out. We had been in the stand for approximately 45 minutes when I looked down the food plot and spotted twin button bucks coming right at us. I asked her if she wanted to shoot one and her eyes got huge. She got into position and had the gun trained on an opening that they were going to pass through at 30 yards. She had shot her 20 gauge quite a few times and knew where she had to shoot for a quick-clean kill, but I was a little concerned about how her nerves would effect the shot. She did tell me that she was concerned that she would have to shoot a deer again if her first shot wasn't a good one, so she practiced ejecting shells so she would be ready. The deer passed right through the opening and I asked if she was ready and she said she was. I stopped the deer and she pulled the shotgun to her shoulder and settled for the shot. I watched the deer, but kept my eye on her too as she squeezed the trigger. Her shot hit just perfect and the deer did the "Donkey Kick" and took off running. Macy ejected the shell and swung around the tree and said she needed to take another shot. I grabbed her gun and said "wait and watch". The deer ran 25 yards and started to stumble and soon fell. We waited in the stand and celebrated for a few minutes and climbed down. She wanted to head right for the deer and I told her to wait. I asked her where the deer was standing when she shot. She walked to the spot and I asked her how she knows. She says, because that is where it was standing. I was trying to get her to pay attention to sign. She said he was right here because there is hair and blood. Then we started tracking the deer. "Dad, this is dumb, its laying right over there" I explained that this is the best case scenario, but she needs to learn about what happens after the shot and tracking. She tracked the deer and followed blood right up to where it fell. I pointed out the color of the blood, the bubbles in the blood the void where the deer was to show the shot went through. I think she learned quite a bit. Now when it came to field-dressing the deer, she said she will watch me do the first few of her deer and then start doing it herself. Another great day in the deer stand. Get your kids out hunting....they are the future of the outdoors!!! DL
  6. Love to see kids, especially young ladies getting in on the action! Congratulations for the memories and instilling a love of the outdoors into your children! DL
  7. Awesome ---- Congrats Ryan on a true trophy!!!!!
  8. Our plot is doing fantastic. A lot of corn in So. Minn, so they are not hitting it yet, which is good....it has a chance to grow. It is a late season Brassicas, so it is setting up to be a honey hole! Good luck to everyone this weekend!
  9. I haven't applied for a special youth hunt, but my 10 year old daughter deer hunted with me last year. She will need her own tag, which is only good for her - No party hunting. You can get this at any license distribution center. You have to have her Social Security # and then they ask you all of the standard questions (height, weight, eye color, etc) Then it will spit out a license. Hopefully this helps!
  10. We are hunting opener.....just a thing we have to get the first crack at them. Many times the second week can be better, but its just how we roll! Bringing up a bear virgin this year, so it should be a blast. DL
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