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  1. The Outlander is more expensive, but also comes equipped with more accessories like a 3500 lb winch and hand warmers for both driver and passenger. I've read that in previous years, the Outlander's front shocks may be too soft and bottom out easily, but there's not enough info about it for 2021 yet, so maybe that's not an issue anymore. Being Polaris is a MN company carries some weight with me, even if they're built in Iowa, and I believe parts and accessories are more readily available for the polaris. The polaris is around 70lbs lighter, but the Outland
  2. I'm in the market for a 2up ATV to use with my wife and have narrowed it down to either the polaris or can am. I've looked at both, and both would work nicely for our needs. Unfortunately, each has their strong points and shortcomings. Strictly from a performance and reliability standpoint, what would you consider the better machine? I like the transmission options on the Polaris, but understand the can am isn't far off. Thoughts? If it was your $12k, which one would you pick? Any reason I should stay away from either?
  3. Here's a video that a buddy of mine put together. I love the line about getting 30+ MPG while trolling!
  4. Icegator makes a 36V auger that will take a 10" bit. You may want to look into that. Nothing else out there cuts like a 'Gator, and when you're cutting multiple holes in a house, especially when it's -20 with 30MPH winds, speed is everything That's experience talking right there!
  5. It may just be personal preference, but I've found that straight LED light is very harsh on the eyes over time. I've also found that regular RV style lights are warm and strain my eyes over time. Mixing the two however makes for a natural type light that is like the three bears. Not too harsh, not too warm, just right. Play with it a little. Everyone is different, but it may be worth checking out for yourself.
  6. Anyone seen one of these? Invisaswivel Clear swivels. They look pretty neat, and may even keep the sunnies from pecking at my swivel
  7. I have the IceGator Lithium and love it. It's pretty light weight for what it is, cuts very quickly and I've never run out of juice. They advertise 60 holes through 28" of ice. While I haven't tested that, I believe that it can't be too far off. I'd put money on at least 50 with the lithium pack. I own a gas auger, but haven't fired it up on the ice in 4 yrs now, and yes I run 'n gun. Not 100+ holes/day, but enough. To touch on charge times, the lithium pack charges up in a couple three hours and has never been an issue. Like any battery powered auger, it's best to keep the battery pac
  8. Looks like the MN DNR has one more species to add to their State Fair fish tank
  9. Sorry if this isn't the right place for this, but I can't think of a finer place. This was done by a buddy of mine out west.
  10. What I like about ripped 2X6's is that you have more meat on the bone at the center to cut a hole for all of your electrical. Been doing it this way for 10 yrs with great results.
  11. I've been using LED string lights and regular RV incandescent lights my fish houses for years now. I've played around with different color combos, but honestly what I've found is that LED lights alone are very harsh on the eyes, and the RV lights make me tired. A good combo of the two put out a very balanced, very nice light that's easy to fish by.
  12. I don't know about best tasting, but they sure are good with butter and fresh garlic!
  13. Charge the battery, check the blades for nicks. Put away for the season. For the gas powerhead, which hasn't been used for around 4 yrs, I drain the gas, run dry with a bit of seafoam mixed in, remove the plug and fog with fogging oil. Replace the plug and wait until next season. Starts 1st to 2nd pull every time.
  14. I've broken the tip off of a couple St. Croix Legends and have come up with a pretty solid fix. I use a ridiculously small drill bit and remove the graphite blank from the tip sleeve. Once removed, square off the rod end with a side cutter, dab on some superglue and slide the tip back on. without having a stock rod in hand, you'd never know the difference.
  15. I just learned that I broke my hip. Does that count? Otherwise this year has been good to me. All of my gear is still intact and ready to use. The season's not over yet, so I'll go ahead and knock on wood now
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