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Did you lose this on Bald Eagle??


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A broken flashlight

half a can of the stuff you infalte a flat with

any of the 25 cans or bottles

an unopened box of Mac and Cheese

a cardboard box,

a couple wads of duct tape

a broken tip up

the handle from a ice scraper

two empty chip bags

three empty pop cups

a container from Taco Johns

and my favorite - a [PoorWordUsage] diaper????

If so you can come and get it at my house.

Of course none of you have done this because no FM'er would do such a thing.

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 Originally Posted By: Craig Plummer
 Originally Posted By: kwiggy
uh... sorry 'bout that diaper

kwiggy I told you to stay away from the taco johns!

When it comes to Taco Johns, I am always prepared blush.gif

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Thanks for picking it up. It is amazing what idiots do sometimes. I usually leave a lake with more trash then I make. I really can't understand what people don't pick up after themselves.

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Not looking for kudos, just sort of a reminder. What in the h do you need cat litter for out on the lake - getting unstuck? Then why not take the container with you? I used to do this about 20 years ago with my kids. I thought folks had gotten more respectful - maybe they have. I can remember pulling half a truck load of carpet pad up one year back then.

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Ya its like all the a holes who leave all the boards and stuff they use to get the perms off the ice out there for snowmobiles and trucks to run into. The ice was totally like a dump today after most of the perms got off the ice. I know a couple guys names and adresses and will be dropping off all the [PoorWordUsage] of theirs I picked up. I will also be notifying the DNR. Some people just dont deserve the privelage to fish.

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Dang! You scored all the good stuff befor I could get over there. Should be some excellent trash hunting this week if the snow melts.

I'll be on Lake Independence on Saturday. North Metro Muskie Inc is doing a lake clean up. We're meeting at the access at 11am. Anyone is welcome to help of course.

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 Originally Posted By: Seeker of Clayface
I'll take the unopened box of Mac & Cheese if nobody else claims it. A couple of questions. Is it with the standard shaped noodles or spirals or wheelies? Easy Mac? Please send pics. Thanks.

Spirals. I'm experimenting with this to see if I can figure out a way to get rid of the line twist.

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Oh I agree Hammer Handle, cig butts are the worst mess I see on the lakes.. Takes over 10 years I am told for a cig filter to break down. I choose to smoke now and then, but I have a butt can in my boat and when ice fishing I have one with also. And I really wonder what people are thinking? Nicotine is poisonous, causing dizziness, vomiting, nausea, stomach pain, weakness, drooling and abnormal heartbeat. That just is not what to leave for animals to get a hold of.

Okay I will kick my soap box out of the way now. Kudos to all that pick up the others guys trash.


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It takes a long time for all that [PoorWordUsage] to break down. Pleasant i have seen the effects of nicotine on fish, the worst was seeing a school of perch all droolin ;\) sorry i couldnt resist. anyways picking up mine, and others trash is now a common thing i do right before sundown. gets you out, stretch the legs before the real bite goes on. anyways i hear you on these problems and i doubt they are going to get better. I took my girlfriends 11 yr old brother out ice fishing for the first time in his life, and we went around and picked up garbage. He couldnt for the life of him figure out why we were going around picking up other peoples garbage. and then i told him, if were going to come back here some day, it would sure be nice to keep the water clean. ya my soap box is done, im outta here

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