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  1. I like my insulated Clam minnow bucket, and my fan light.
  2. I love my perch sweetheart. Its my main walleye rod (landed a 42" sturg on LOW last year). Its a perfect action for 1/8 and 1/4 oz jigging spoons, and flexes in all the right places. I am also a big fan of their panfish sweetheart rods too, theyre great action for small (metro) walleyes/perch/panfish. Its really a swiss army knife of rods. If I was getting a walleye rod I would go Perch sweetheart for sure.
  3. Yawn. I fail to see how this will really help on the ice (beyond the incredibly complicated set up and jerry-riging needed with such an expensive toy). The SI/DI images aren't great at marking fish, or providing real time feedback. The only real benefit I see is being able to look a head potentially when you are casting to cover. I would say their integration with MinnKota with the new i-pilot is 1000x more useful and innovative than this. I will also say the Lowrance overlay of the SI data on the map is pretty darned slick too. Its a good time for fishing electronics (LX-9 comes to mind too), but you better have a good job or a rich uncle.
  4. All this chatter about the GPS is valid, as I currently use a Lowrance 334 Ice Machine and love having the lakemaster chip in it. I also have the navionics app on my phone, but find the larger screen and accuracy of lakemaster to be better in finding the spot on the spot. I will say though, that GPS KILLS batteries. I can see all the comments now if it had GPS.... "I paid 1300 bucks for a new flasher that only gets 5 hours on a battery charge." I'm a bit interested in upgrading to one of these new Marcum units (6,7,9?) as the target separation is quite a bit better than on your standard summer units that are converted to ice machines. I mean, marcum has 1/2 - 3/4 inch seperation vs 2-3" that the lowrance and HB units have. Last Question: I'm thinking this would make a great unit on the front of my boat. Do you know if Marcum can hook up to Minn Kota Universal Sonar 2?
  5. I love my strike lite with the Subaru/Robyn engine on it. With the fully metal laser auger, and with what I am sure is a great Honda engine, these things should be pretty sweet.
  6. Yeah, in that first photo, never wear sweatpants in a fish photo....
  7. $2000 for a trolling motor, shows how ahead of their time they were ....
  8. Amen, or at least we're on our best behavior... ??
  9. This is ultimately where my opinion shakes out too. We need a 'prove it safe' law in MN like Wisconsin has. Conjecture and promises are not enough to keep our water clean.
  10. Did anyone else read the article in the Conservation Volunteer? I thought it did a good job of explaining the HUGE opportunity, and the economic benefits to 'the range' and the rest of the state (especially in funding our schools); as well as explaining the great risks (i.e. no copper mine has ever operated 'safely' when it comes to sulfide releases, and no major mine has operated so close to so much water. http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/volunteer/julaug12/nonferrous.html
  11. You must not fish rivers much. This would be really handy for keeping on the contour where it breaks from 25ft to 5 ft very quickly. I dont need to be at 15ft, but keep me from going off the ledge. The site says the price is 799.00 which seems fair, until you figure in the price of the Humminbird. Exciting stuff, regardless. I do hope this stuff becomes a bit more affordable as these prices on this stuff are getting to be a bit too much. You can easily have more invested in boat electronics than your home theatre system with HDTV and Bluray.
  12. What, no discussion here on the i-pilot link? Looks awesome, and I wish I had a HB now... From their secret unpublished HSOforum: INTEGRATED GPS TROLLING SYSTEM With i-Pilot® Link™, your Humminbird® and Minn Kota® communicate with each other to take command of your boat. Together, they give you the power of automatic boat control and the ability to create, store and revisit productive spots and paths—all while retaining the original i-Pilot functions. And all with unparalleled GPS accuracy. It’s the missing link to better fishing. THIS IS I-PILOT® LINK™, THE GAME CHANGER IN BOAT CONTROL. The interconnectivity between technologies allows for simple, push-of-a-button operation from either the i-Pilot Link wireless remote or the Humminbird fishfinder, and supports i-Pilot Link’s many exciting new features. THE I-PILOT LINK REMOTE CONTROL i-Pilot Link’s wireless remote features a full-color LCD screen to display your current function, user menus, GPS signal strength, prop status and battery state. Powered by a rechargeable battery, the remote is waterproof and it floats. The i-Pilot Link system can learn multiple remotes for added flexibility. THE IPILOT TROLLING MOTOR HEAD i-Pilot Link installs simply: Just replace the top of the motor head, activate your remote and you're ready to fish FEATURES FOLLOW THE CONTOUR i-Pilot Link’s unique Follow the Contour feature directs the trolling motor to follow a specific depth contour that is displayed on a LakeMaster digital GPS map. The chosen contour line can be automatically followed in either direction. In addition, anglers have the option to offset a certain distance from a chosen contour line allowing them to present the bait to a specified depth. Follow the Contour can also be offset from the shoreline so anglers can automatically follow a path at a set distance from shore. *Follow The Contour feature available only on i-Pilot Link enabled LakeMaster SD cards. To check the availability of LakeMaster maps for your fishing area, visit lakemaps.com/ipilotlink. FOLLOW THE CONTOUR If you’re fishing at a certain depth, i-Pilot Link can keep you on it automatically. With a LakeMaster SD card in your Humminbird, Link will follow any contour you choose—in either direction—for as long as you want. Contour Offset: You can also stay a set distance from a depth contour or the shoreline by activating Contour Offset. Set your boat a certain distance from either a selected depth contour or the shoreline, and cast to it all day long. GO TO The Go To feature steers the boat to specific locations such as waypoints, Spot-Locks and iTracks. These locations can be recorded either from the fishfinder or from the remote. Up to 2,500 waypoints and Spot-Locks, and 50 iTrack locations can be stored in the fishfinder. SpotLock: If you drift more than 5 feet away from your selected fishing spot, Link will take you back. You can return to your spot later with Go To. Waypoints: Return to your favorite existing waypoints—or new ones you create and store—with Go To. iTracks: Record and store trolling paths up to 2 miles long, then retrace them any time with Go To. GO TO ITRACK iTracks are specific trolling motor paths (up to two miles in length) that have been recorded and stored so they can be re-tracked upon request. Anglers can record productive trolling paths such as weed lines, shorelines and river beds then automatically retrace them at any time with i-Pilot Link’s iTrack feature. 123 COMPATABILITY MINN KOTA COMPATABILITY The i-Pilot Link remote features a full-color graphic LCD screen to display GPS signals, remote battery charge, prop status, current function and user menus. The remote also displays important data such as water depth and temperature. Most i-Pilot Link functions can be activated on the waterproof remote or with the Humminbird unit. The remote includes a rechargeable Li-ion battery. *For full information on compatibility and product availability, visit minnkotamotors.com/ipilotlink.
  13. I don't use the buff... yet, but I have a great sun shirt that is nice and cool to wear in the hot sun when out fishing. I like it as it is cooler than going shirtless, and I don't have to grease up with sunscreen. Mine is a patagonia, but there are a lot of good ones out there.
  14. I agree. Brainerd prop is great, they'll get you set up with the right prop (they're usually really good about knowing what prop you need) and will let you try them out on the lake. These guys are great.
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