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  1. Craig Plummer

    Griffey Jr to Chisox

    Im disappointed in this trade, I used to really like griffey alot now I have to hate him cause hes on the stinkin white sux
  2. Craig Plummer

    Twins - Sox series

    Exciting game for the twins tonight it was nice to see yet another come from behind win... Took 3 out of 4 which is good now were only half gave back with I believe the tribe coming to town GO TWINS!
  3. Craig Plummer

    Sharpening Hooks

    I just read a great post in the Open Water forum talking about sharpening your hooks to improve your hook-up ratio. How many of you guys sharpen your hooks on a regular basis? Also what types of files do you use and how is it done? Thanks, CP
  4. Craig Plummer


    CrappieNeyes... The purple ones are horrible, horrible I tell you please send them to me so I can properly dispose of them! ;-) Deitz How is a Comida/Senko rigged jigworm style? do you have a pic or jig head recomendation?
  5. Craig Plummer

    my shimano core baitcaster...need help with brakes

    This is what I did with my citica which has a similar breaking system and Ive now found the setting I am comfortable with and am very pleased with it.
  6. Craig Plummer


    Never thought I would own anything like a H2O but it was one of them darn impulse buys, I now concider it just as useful as my Vex I dont ice fish with out it!
  7. Craig Plummer

    my shimano core baitcaster...need help with brakes

    Sorry bro to rich for my blood but I bet Deitz could give you some pointers if he ever gets off the lake with that new boat!
  8. Craig Plummer

    Great tip to landing more fish.

    Great information what type of file do you use? I never sharpen my hooks but have always thought it may be a good idea!
  9. Craig Plummer

    New baits from Rapala...

    Not trying to hijack the post by anymeans but where do Mann's 1-Minus and for that matter the DT Fat 01 type baits excel? Polar I know you have been having luck with them lately any advice you could give me would be appreciated! Thanks, CP
  10. Craig Plummer

    Working the shoreline

    Besides fishing docks what does everyone look for when working the shallows, also what types of presentations seem to be your favorites? I've currently been finding some luck throwing a Jig & Trailer and working it back near fallen trees and changes in vegetation, many times in as little as 1-3ft of water. Since im still learning I'd like to expand as an angler... Lets hear the opinions, Thanks! CP
  11. Craig Plummer

    Jigs vs. T-Rigged worms

    Please correct me if i'm wrong but when you peg a T-Rigged Power worm (or similar product) You would fish it similar to a bass jig with a series on hops, skips, and dragging the lure back correct? If im correct in what type of situation would each bait excel? Im kind of under the impression that a T-rigged worm would work better during tough conditions due to the smaller profile. Anyone care to elaborate? Thank You as always, CP
  12. Craig Plummer

    Casilla-out for the season?!

    There goes the season
  13. Craig Plummer

    How good are Knipex?

    What style of the knipex do you use? I went to there HSOforum and it looks like they have tons and tons of differant models. also where are they sold?
  14. Craig Plummer

    Which forums

    Bass East Central Metro Open Water Sunfish Ice Fishing Northern Pike Baseball/Football/Hockey
  15. Craig Plummer

    Cold Front Bass

    Great bit of info capt. Thank you