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  1. dukhnt

    Team 1 "Strutting to First"

    I have been out a total of 4 times. First time out I had 2 toms and 2 jakes stay 80 yards out. That is the closest I have come. Not sure why I haven't had anything in the decoys this year. First year using the AvianX decoys. Maybe I should go back to my old cheap ones to try and change the luck. Hoping to get out one morning this coming weekend.
  2. dukhnt

    Team 1 "Strutting to First"

    Congrats Scoot and Morgan!! I did the same thing last year with my stepson in Nebraska. Couldn't pass up the opportunity to double up when it was his first bird.
  3. dukhnt

    Team 1 "Strutting to First"

    I will be trying to score my first bird with a bow this year. After years of bagging birds with a gun, I figured it was time. I just plan on hunting the MN season. But there is a possibility of a quick trip to Nebraska.
  4. dukhnt

    Tannery in mn for buffalo hide

    USA Foxx and Furs out of Duluth. I just checked their page and they charge $20 a square foot for buffalo with the hair on. They did my Minnesota Elk ten years ago and did a fantastic job.
  5. dukhnt

    Wild Turkey Photos

    Finally getting around to submitting the rest of my pics for the contest. The first is the Hero photo taken in NE Nebraska. I brought my stepson down there for his first ever turkey hunt. I did a little write up of the hunt on a different thread. My cousin's husband really put us on the birds. The next three are my non-hero entries. My dad notching his tag. Bringing out our Nebraska birds. When your hunt only last 2 hours you need to find something else to do. A different hunt took place. They just started popping when we were down there. And finally one for the Movie category. I was lucky enough to get my stepson's bird on video. Javan Turkey.MP4
  6. dukhnt

    Eva McKay's First Bird

    Congrats! That what it is all about, making memories.
  7. dukhnt


    Who doesn't love little fuzz balls.
  8. dukhnt

    Team 3 Toes

    Congrats Scoot!
  9. dukhnt

    Son's turkey

    Congrats! Great photos. What app did you use to make them?
  10. dukhnt

    Javan's 1st turkey

    We got to cousins place in northeast Nebraska around 7:45pm. Immediately Javan and I got in the truck with my cousins husband Kelly to take a drive and see the area. When we got back to the house there were turkeys gobbling and roosting in all directions. Kelly and I went and set up the double bull blind when it was good and dark. Javan, Kelly, and I got settled in the blind plenty early the next morning. We had to get in there early since we figured the birds would be roosted right on top of us. At 5:30 we heard our first gobble. I have never been set up that close to the roost. He was right above our blind. As the sun started coming up, more and more birds were sounding off. The birds pitched down and headed away from us. Kelly said not to worry. They always do that and eventually come into the valley we were hunting. It wasn't long and we had a hen 10 feet away from the blind. Then we could here a gobbler making his way closer to us. Javan was the first to spot him. He was coming on a string. There was plenty of time to get his gun up and pointed in the right direction. The tom made his way down a trail and was 12 yards from us when he pulled the trigger. Javan's aim was true. The 20 gauge stopped him in his tracks, he didn't even flop around. Javan Turkey.MP4Javan Turkey.MP4 After some high fives in the blind, we were still hearing birds all around us. I asked Javan if he wanted to go and check out his bird or wait to see if another bird would come in for me. He wanted to wait. I had 2 long beards up the hill from me. I could see them but they just didn't give me a great opportunity for a shot. I didn't want to risk wounding a bird, so I opted not to shoot. Those two wondered away. Then we heard 2 more birds gobbling from the other side of the blind. I got ready. The first bird stepped out 10 yards from the blind, it was a double bearded jake. The bird following him was another jake in full strut. I didn't even think twice. I wanted pictures of Javan and I together with our birds. I pulled the trigger on the jake in strut. I figured the double bearded jake would look better as a double bearded tom. Two hours into our hunt, it was over. Lots of celebration followed. It was truly an awesome experience. Javan's bird weighed 21 lbs 10 ounces, had a 10" beard, and the spurs were 1 5/16" and 1". You could tell the smaller spur was broken off.
  11. dukhnt

    Team 3 Toes

    I hunted Nebraska this past weekend. My main goal was to get my stepson his first bird. Mission accomplished! Thanks to my cousins husband who put in plenty of time scouting for us. I will put up a story of this hunt in a different thread. But here is a pic of us 2 hours after our hunt began.
  12. dukhnt

    My Little Morgan

    Another great Scoot story! Congrats to Morgan. I am hoping to get my 13 year old his first bird in Nebraska this weekend.
  13. dukhnt

    Wild Turkey Photos

    A couple of hours after I shot my tom, I called in 3 jakes for my dad. He introduced me into hunting. I am not sure how many turkey hunts he has left. His knee replacement didn't go well so he doesn't get around great. But this is a hunt with him I will never forget!
  14. dukhnt

    Hso Turkey Quest Team Submission thread

    Here is my entry. Go Team 3 Toes! You can kind of see the tag on the scale photo if a better pic is needed, let me know
  15. dukhnt

    Team 3 Toes

    Bagged a Tom about an hour ago. I will get the details up later.