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  1. Hammer Handle

    typical!!! Frazier

    Childress was a way better coach. We run him out of town too fast.
  2. Hammer Handle

    Questions on slug shotguns

    Thanks for the great info everyone! I guess I never considered getting a scope on my shotgun. I guess I am pretty old fashioned, and think using a scope is a little too easy. I don't even have a scope on my rifle. But, I have shot many of my deer on the run, so a scope will probably hurt my hunting more than help it. I have "lobbed" shots at deer over 100 yards away and gotten them, but will get a better shotgun more dedicated for deer and not have as many issues at 100 yards or so. Thanks again, everyone!
  3. Just wondering how many people use interchanable barrels on a shotgun versus having one for slugs only. Just curious is all. Is there advantages with having just the slug shotgun barrel? With dedicated slug barrels, I know sabot slugs are the best. Should sabot slugs be used with the interchangable barrels too? I have always used the cheapest gun out there. This year, I am considering getting a nice Itachi Deerslayer II Shotgun. I am hoping someone will convince me to spend the extra money. Ha ha!
  4. I timed my dad once. It took him around 5 minutes on a small warm deer. But, the deer was already gutted and body shot, which makes it tougher. He also cut up a small deer (and did all the de-boning) in under 30 minutes. Yes, he used to work in a butcher shop. This guy must have one sharp knife. And, to not even have the skin stick to the deer...even when warm...surprises me. Kill to skinning must have a matter of minutes between them.
  5. Hammer Handle


    Agree 100%!!!!
  6. Hammer Handle


    Yes, it was a bad call. But, when I was watching the game...I thought it was a touchdown too. So, I was excited. The replay shown us all that is was NOT a TD. But, possession is not reversable by replay...is it? So, the play could NOT be changed as called. The bad call was NOT calling the offensive pass interference. And, there were many bad calls before this. Green Bay was only in the game thanks to many bad calls on third down for the Packers. I thought the referees were Packer Backers for the longest time. The Pack should have never had the lead in the first place. All around bad game in my opinion. So, it is not the worse call of all time. I say that because "bad calls" went both ways. And, the refs are doing their best and I feel bad for them. They should never be in this situation and are doing the best they can. The NFL is to blame for they know we will keep watching...and we will....
  7. Hammer Handle


    That is the key...sportsmanship. Is it wrong...yes. Can you do it and get by with it...yes. Should you do it...no. Should people complain if they see you doing it...yes. It is just like if someone went bass fishing and kept every single one of their bass, no matter what the size, to eat. It is not illegal to do so...but in this day and age...it can be harmful to the lake. I will keep complaining to people that do this. If you are fishing "crappies" with large bait and don't catch a single one but catch bass after bass...stop. If you don't, the CO deserves a call. Now, would I call the CO if someone kept bass legally...no. I wouldn't even complain for it is legal. Can you catch bass while fishing other species? Of course. But, what I don't like is when people cast to the shore with lare spinner baits and even plugs and say "I am fishing crappies" when the crappies are not in yet and all they catch is bass after bass. It is a very common practice these days...and people wonder why "bass boats" get a bad rap. Funny, I go fishing in a bass boat alot, I never have gotten yelled at yet....
  8. Hammer Handle


    I bet if the CO keeps getting calls, something will be done eventually. Either there will be more restrictions.... Or the C&R season will open earlier.... The squeeky wheel gets the oil....
  9. Hammer Handle

    Why are the Largemouth Bass in Minnesota small compared elsewhere?

    The record would be larger...but it was "reset" years ago. Many large bass were caught and not "registered" as a larger bass was on record as the biggest. That is why our state record large-mouth is so small.... And the climate too....
  10. Hammer Handle


    I put my dock in this weekend...and a fresh bass was floating in the water...full of eggs. Earlier that day, a boat was near my dock casting spinner baits. I should have called TIP. Let the fish lay their eggs. You have plenty of time to fish them this year...don't rush it.
  11. Hammer Handle

    Reminder: Snowmobile Only trails are NOT for 4-wheelers.

    Trail cams are hard to hide. The neighbor's camera was stolen. The Sheriff patrols the area...but states we aren't the only ones with this same issue. I live far away from the land. I find out when I find the damage. I just was hoping when people catch someone doing something wrong, they would step in and say something. I was just hoping people would aid before the issue gets worse and trails are lost. That is all. The Trail Association is looking into it too. I like the trail myself and plan on keeping it, but don't understand why people don't show respect for things like this anymore. Every year it gets worse and worse. The Trail Association is great and do what they can. I was just hoping people would read this on the forum and agree that they should obey the rules. By far, most of the people do. I know we need more areas for 4-wheelers to ride in MN. But, breaking the rules is the wrong way to earn respect and support from others.
  12. Hammer Handle

    Reminder: Snowmobile Only trails are NOT for 4-wheelers.

    Been there and done that. Unfortunately, I cannot monitor the trail all the time and I am sure they can't either. I rely on people to be courteous and repectful of my land. I enjoy the snowmobile trail there, even though I don't have a snowmobile myself. But, when others abuse it and now do property damage to my neighbor's land and he wants to close the trail for all, what can a person do?
  13. If you see someone abusing this...STOP THEM! There are some snowmobile trails in Douglas County (by Lake Miltona) that are currently in jeapardy of being closed due to a few bad apples!!!!
  14. Hammer Handle

    Chilly's kick A$$ offense going to Cleveland

    Love him or hate him...he was better than the coach we have now. Way better. He did what he could with the team he had.
  15. I fish mainly bass and northern. I like to use at least 10 lb test. Weight of lures varies greatly. What is a good spinning reel for $50 - 150? Just looking for some advice....