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  1. Pleasant

    Getting the Fever

    97º on the lake shore yesterday, I started my ice auger, you know what is on my mind.
  2. Pleasant

    Let's talk fans

    they draw like .2 to .4 amps so so roughly double the amp hours of the battery you use plus
  3. Pleasant

    Mn fishhouse shelter license

    With all the $$ I have invested in winter fishing equipment, always figured for 15 bucks I can put a tag and a dnr number on any house I am using, just my 2 cents.
  4. Pleasant

    Can you plow on the lake with a straight blade?

    You will never regret it Mike, consider getting the harness for a second battery also
  5. Pleasant

    Mn fishhouse shelter license

    I agree I have thought that they could issue a "plate" (like a vehicle license plate) and you could get a registration sticker on a annual or tri year basis to keep it current
  6. Pleasant

    Have you yet????

    Guilty +1, only have to dig out the auger and start that again have not done that since mid summer
  7. Pleasant

    Can you plow on the lake with a straight blade?

    a person uses what he has, but when I used a straight blade I had a tendency to slide sideways and spin out, would have to back up and go again, with the V now no such problems
  8. Pleasant

    pheasants report

    was out Sunday with couple other guys and two dogs in the Fergus Falls area, seen birds but they were just "hopping" and running in the heavy cover and would not flush. I agree once they get more of the corn off it shall improve a lot.
  9. Pleasant

    What size inverter?

    I run a 800 watt and that is enough to run even my crock-pot full of chili on medium
  10. Pleasant

    State record pike caught on video

    That is the way to do it, put the big ones back
  11. Pleasant

    Hauling 2 Fish houses in a truck

    https://imageshack.com/i/14truckmockupj one on the bottom, one in the top box
  12. Pleasant

    first fish house build 4 years in the making!

    Very nice work. If I spent that much time working on a project, I am sure the wife would suggest I live in it. LOL
  13. Pleasant

    Hard Propane Tank Covers

    You can find them for a dual tank setup, but if you are looking to just cover a single tank I don't think they make them. Otherwise if you google rv parts, you will find many options
  14. Pleasant

    Frozen Fish House

    earlier this winter my 5x8 froze down, I opened all the covers and turn the heat on high over night, took chain saw and cut, like said earlier, at an angle under the skids, screwed some jacking blocks on a couple of the corners, put some pressure on them with a hydraulic jack and it popped right up. It is a pia, but with a little work and patience you can get them loose with out damage
  15. Pleasant

    Pickup out of an ice hole

    Figure on $2,000 to $6,000 for a car or truck. An ATV or snowmobile could run $1,200, depending on difficulty.