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  1. Gross. I am honestly disturbed about this fish potentially making its way into our fisheries. What a hopeless feeling.
  2. I drove by Majestic Oaks Golf Course in Ham Lake today and people were golfing. Crazy!
  3. I purchased a sheet of clear plastic at Joann Fabrics a while back. Haven't tested it out yet in extreme cold conditions.
  4. Nice shack. I suppose the entire Bikini Ice Fishing Team could fit in nicely as well???
  5. Good for you guys. Maybe you could recruit some cheerleaders.
  6. Great idea, I think I'll try that. Now my nosey neighbors will really think I'm weird. For a great visual, I should wear my old helmet and shin pads while I do this.
  7. Poor Mr. Soul Patrol. I still can't believe this guy won that year.
  8. I'll take the unopened box of Mac & Cheese if nobody else claims it. A couple of questions. Is it with the standard shaped noodles or spirals or wheelies? Easy Mac? Please send pics. Thanks.
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