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  1. Seeker of Clayface

    Oh No they didn't?

  2. Seeker of Clayface

    Saw my First Bighead Carp in person Saturday

    Gross. I am honestly disturbed about this fish potentially making its way into our fisheries. What a hopeless feeling.
  3. Seeker of Clayface

    Thanks to somebody

  4. Seeker of Clayface

    up loading pictures

    Testing gif files
  5. Seeker of Clayface

    This weather sucks!

    I drove by Majestic Oaks Golf Course in Ham Lake today and people were golfing. Crazy!
  6. Seeker of Clayface

    Porty Window Fix

    I purchased a sheet of clear plastic at Joann Fabrics a while back. Haven't tested it out yet in extreme cold conditions.
  7. Seeker of Clayface

    black friday sales

    It's more fun talking in code
  8. Seeker of Clayface

    My Giant Portable

    Nice shack. I suppose the entire Bikini Ice Fishing Team could fit in nicely as well???
  9. Seeker of Clayface

    Weekend Roll-Call

    Brainerd area lakes for eyes.
  10. Seeker of Clayface

    Ice Buster Bobbers: Real deal or gimmick?

    I wouldn't use anything else.
  11. Seeker of Clayface

    High School Ice Fishing Club

    Good for you guys. Maybe you could recruit some cheerleaders.
  12. Seeker of Clayface

    Quack Grass

    Great idea, I think I'll try that. Now my nosey neighbors will really think I'm weird. For a great visual, I should wear my old helmet and shin pads while I do this.
  13. Seeker of Clayface

    Is It Too Early To Get an American Idol Thread Going?

    Jason Castro?
  14. Seeker of Clayface

    Is It Too Early To Get an American Idol Thread Going?

    Poor Mr. Soul Patrol. I still can't believe this guy won that year.
  15. Seeker of Clayface

    Did you lose this on Bald Eagle??

    I'll take the unopened box of Mac & Cheese if nobody else claims it. A couple of questions. Is it with the standard shaped noodles or spirals or wheelies? Easy Mac? Please send pics. Thanks.