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The chain adds wieght to the front of the anchor allowing it to dig in better.It also acts as a 'shock" absorber.THat is that the when the boat is pulled tight against the anchor it first has to lift the chain from the bottom,reducing the jarring effect against the anchor.
I have a water spike for my lake boat.
Water spikes are great for lakes but you have to use a lot of line.I think its like 6 feet of line for every foot of depth.In flowing water they do not perform well as it is tough to get them positioned correctly.The current usually blows the anchor behind the boat while trying to set it,and you need so much rope to set it that the current makes your boat swing too much.For flowing water I have Richter,and if needed for extreme conditions,a monster anchor much like the Richter that will give you a back ache. smile.gif

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Someone recommended a Richter or Pro Anchor to me... I bought the Richter and it has already paid dividends.

It was funny; I went out on the St.Croix on Wednesday night. The first place we anchored was up stream a hundred yards from the bayport nsp power plant... right under the power lines. When I pulled up the richter it seemed a little heavy... WEll, there was a 15 lb navy anchor and 40ft of rope with it!!!

The next place we anchored was out 40 yards from the willow river dam on the wisconsin side. I hesitated to anchor, as I have fished there many times and know there is some kind of cable down there. Well, sure enough, when i went to pull up the anchor, I could pull it up 6 ft or so...AND that's it. It was hooked on something down there that wouldn't let it go. Then I remembered with this particular anchor you can drive past it and pull from the "other" notch in the anchor.... up it came!! Yeeee HAAA. Any other anchor, and I would've been cut'n the rope, or going swimming.

LOVE it already.

And wednesday was really windy, and that baby held everywhere.

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