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  1. analyzer

    Enclosed Stand Height

    This is a little unrelated, but I thought I would share because I found it interesting. I figit alot. I get uncomfortable in a tree stand a little quicker than I would like. 3 hours is about my limit. If i start sitting an hour before shooting light, that's only going to get me about 2 hours of hunting time before I want to get down. That doesn't count the number of times I shift my weight etc. Stuff that could easily get me busted. So I have made the transition to ground blinds. If I owned my own land, it would be a transition to elevated box blinds however. There are times when a ground blind doesn't work, say too much ground cover, but in general I like them better than a tree stand. It gives me protection from the wind, allows me to put a more comfortable seat in there, and in some cases may keep some of my stink inside a little better. Not sure on that last one. Either way, I want to share an experience I had this year hunting with one of my blinds. We hunt land that is primarily pasture. It has some cedars, but is mostly a transition area between woods where they bed, and crops where they feed. They walk through the pasture in somewhat random pattern-less means. This year I discovered a jumping spot in a gap in the cedars, where they are jumping over the neighbors barb wire fence. I found a little piece of hair sticking to the fence and decided to put up a trail camera. I put the camera up about 10 yds away, facing the fence, one week before gun opener. After the morning hunt (we sat in other locations), my brother went and retrieved the memory card from the trail camera. With much anticipation we plugged her in on the lap top (doesn't everyone bring a lap top hunting?), and walla B I N G O. In one weeks time, there were close to three dozen entries. Every morning and every evening, along with some random times throughout the day and night, there were does, and BUCKS jumping at that spot. Nothing monsterous, but nice. One little 1 1/2 yr old 7 pointer was coming through 2 and 3 times a day. A maternal doe and her two yearlings a couple times a day. One nice 8, that my nephew shot opening morning was on there twice. A bigger 3 1/2 yr old 8 was on their Thursday night right at the end of shooting light, 2 days before opener. Lots of activity. So I looked at the spot. I couldn't put up a stand in the cedars. They are too thick, and I'd have to trim alot of branches, and it's not my land (I have permission to hunt though). There's a narrow gap between the cedars and the fence, but there's almost no where to sit without getting busted. I eventually decided to set my ground blind up about 20 yds south down the fence line, kind of "in" this down cedar tree. I thought it gave me enough cover they wouldn't notice/worry about the new blind being there. I could not have been more wrong. I sat there Sat evening, all day sunday, and all day monday. Just the 2 yearling does came by on Sunday. I heard, what was probably their Mother, wheeze or snort or whatever you call it behind me, about that time. I've heard it before when a doe busts ya. I don't know what you call it, but it's where they blow their nose in distress. But that was it. So, I go on the theory that they just need to "get used to it". I'm leaving town for the week, and will be back on Friday, so I just leave the blind in place (and my trailcam, which I put the memory card back in Sunday afternoon), and I'll check it Friday afternoon for activity. I hunt that blind Friday morning (again nothing). I pull the card, with the excitement many of you know well, and n o t h i n g. Not a dam thing. I'm on their twice. Setting it up, and pulling it, with NOTHING in between. That card was there for a week before hunting season with 36 entries, and Sunday to Friday after I set that blind up and NOTHING. So I march right back out there and pull the blind... and set my cam again. That was friday afternoon. By Saturday night... They were jumping again. A nice 7, a nice 8, 3 does, .... I didn't hunt there Saturday or sunday, hoping they would walk over by a couple other blinds we had within 150 yds .... Sunday morning at 6:15 am (shooting light was 6:31), a very nice 3 1/2 yr old 10 pointer with crab claw main beams, hopped over that fence, and never came by us. ugh. It would be interesting to leave that ground blind there for 6 months, and see if they start jumping, or if they re-route permanently. Incidentally, I would post the video, but I'm struggling with that.
  2. analyzer

    Let's see your Mouse photos!

    When you guys gut em, do you cut all the way up through the rib cage, or stop short and reach up and cut the trachea? I suppose if I mount em, I have to stop short to leave enough for the cape. I don't know how to butcher them. I've been looking around for someone local but drawing blanks. Is there a good youtube out there? Something to get me started?
  3. analyzer

    Enclosed Stand Height

    I wonder if you could find an old barber stool. They are usually on swivels, and have adjustable height, and tilt back. Easy to fall asleep that way though.
  4. analyzer

    Enclosed Stand Height

    keep in mind, you won't always be young. The older you get, the tougher that climb becomes. As one mentioned, clearing shooting lanes up high is tough. I would think about cement anchors. But not necessarily sticking the poles in the cement, but rather securing them to cement. That way you could always move it without cutting the legs. I would go with green-treated wood, or cedar. It costs more, but will last alot longer. If I ever built one, I would consider getting an old heated leather bucket seat. Then you could hook it up to a 12v battery and be nice and toasty. Hell, you could put it on a swivel mount and be good to go. When you are setting your window height, either have an adjustable chair height, or keep in mind you will have different people hunting of various heights. If your son, daughter, girlfriend, etc ever hunts out of it, they may be considerably shorter than you. If you put windows in, make sure you can slide them open quietly. I saw one guy made one out of a handicapped portapotty. He got it cheap, and it's about the right size, and made of plastic, so it won't rot. Even someone's old fishouse might work well.
  5. analyzer

    Living Vicariously

    LOVE this photo. I'm not even a trout fisherman (yet), but would love to blow this up and put it on my wall at home. Nice work!
  6. analyzer

    MN fishing license date change

    MN State Park stickers are good for 1 year from month purchased. I agree, I think it would be simple, and fair to do the same with fishing licenses.
  7. analyzer

    HSO Deer Photo's

    Ya know, NOwiser, I absolutely loved that photo you posted a couple years ago, of you paddling your brute out of the boundary waters, on a snow banked river. It was one of the best screen savers I've had. I've casually considered hunting the boundary waters, but have been a little concerned about getting "iced-in". I'd love to hear your frozen river story. By the way, I bought a Viper Climber this year from a guy who only used it once. I did not use it at all. I'm not sure I will. I bought it with one particular hunting spot in mind, but when I pre-scouted someone else picked out the same tree. 2 mile walk. Go figure. I normally hunt from Ground blinds and tend to prefer that. I'd love a repost of your snowy river pic. Garrett.
  8. analyzer

    HSO Deer Photo's

    Love the Scrape photo CJ!
  9. analyzer

    Locked Bucks video

    I like this one... http://youtu.be/UPYUfjCTO8g
  10. analyzer

    Lack of Respect and Common scence

    I have to admit, I was 'that guy' last Sunday. I was hunting the whitewater area, and set up in a tree 45 minutes prior to hunting light. As it got light I was delighted to see that I had the immediate area to myself. There's several cars/trucks in the lot, and lots of hunters in the woods, so to have a chunk to myself was nice. Half hour after sunrise, I heard one more vehicle enter the lot. Soon 1 guy set up 35 yards to my SE, and another 50 yards to my west. Both along the ridge line I was hunting. At this point, I knew a deer would have to parachute in, to get to me, so I climbed down and left. I initially drove away, and then thought, there is a ton of land there, there must be somewhere else for me to hunt. But I ended up ruining two other hunters spots, when I walked in on them, trying to find a spot to hunt. It was unintentional, and I feel bad. But once I got booted from my spot, I didn't know where to go. It's not easy to avoid all of the other hunters, especially when it's crowded. I try to be respectful of other hunters. I scout two or three times prior to the season, and pick out a dozen different good areas. But hunters change every year in public land, you never know what you will encounter on opening weekend. You plan and plan and plan, and show up, and there are alot of other guys with the same idea. I think it's somewhat natural. We all scout, we all see the same signs, the same pinch points, funnels, scrapes, rubs, buck/doe feces, trails, ridges, transitions etc. We are bound to like similar spots, and there is really no way to know who's going to be there 2 or 3 weeks later. I just keep moving a little each year, and eventually I hope to find something a bit to myself. I'm not real optimistic though. I'd probably just be better off hunting during the week. The parking lot that was full on Sat and Sun, was empty on Monday.
  11. analyzer

    Public Land?

    I have hunted the elba area/whitewater the past few years, and am surprised at the way the logging guys leave the woods. There was an area that was clear cut a number of years ago, and they went in and chopped the majority of it down, and just left it like pickup sticks. I took a closer look, and it appears they assign someone to go in, and butch down any undesirable hardwoods, so the desirable ones have a chance to thrive. But they just leave the crud lay where it's at. It's a mess. It's dam near unhuntable. I'm sure it's great for the birds, and small creatures to nest in, but it's awful for the deer hunters. It doesn't appear the deer are walking through there either. I once was in favor of letting logging companies clear the blowdown in the boundary waters, but not after witnessing this mess.
  12. analyzer

    Deer Camp Failures

    With hunting it's very difficult if everyone doesn't come down and atleast figure out where they're hunting IN ADVANCE. Having to walk everyone to their spot opening morning takes a lot of time, and then I'm not on my stand until almost shooting light.
  13. analyzer

    Deer Camp Failures

    I find the "process" to be more enjoyable in many respects, than the actual hunt. Well, its a different sort of enjoyment. The hunt has a little bit more adrenaline I suppose. But for me, I love to get out a few weekends a year, and scout/explore the woods. The challenge of figuring out where they'll be, and how to out-smart them, is more than half the fun. Unfortunately I've had to weed through a few folks trying to find the right hunting partner. I eventually had to turn my brother on to hunting. He just started 2 years ago, but seems to enjoy it. I've had issues with many of my close friends committing to fishing trips, boundary waters trips, hunting trips, etc, and then backing out last minute. I'll give them one of those, but the second time, I stop asking. It's as if they think they are doing me a favor saying yes, but don't realize how much work and planning goes into a trip, and when they back out, it's all for not. Maybe I have to start asking for a deposit. lol.
  14. analyzer

    Deer Camp Failures

    Perhaps you'd like some company? My brother and I, and our two sons just hunted SE mn last weekend, and were planning to go back Sunday for the last day (I have a wedding to attend tomorrow and can't go), but it appears Sunday is going to be rain and 20mph wind, so we're looking at hunting next weekend instead. We don't know where to go for sure, we just thought we'd get in the truck and head north. Public land can be tough, especially as we didn't pre-scout north. We'd be happy to join you. I'm 47, and he's 43, one of our 20-something year old sons will probably join us. We're as nice a group of men as you'll ever meet. If you're interested let me know. Garrett