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  1. 92python

    Brand Wars...what ya got?!?!?!

    I have a 31.5 inch draw length and shoot lefty so I am limited as I many bows only go to 30 inch draw length and have a short axle to axle which I don't like. The last couple years I have been shooting a 2010 PSE Vendetta XL and it is fast and smooth. I also have a 2006 Ross CR337 which is slower but is really quiet and has no vibration. The PSE is faster and shoots flat for those Western hunts where you might need to shoot 50 yards with no time to use the rangefinder but the slower, quieter Ross is a tack driver for normal Midwestern bowhunts.
  2. 92python

    Still Chasing

    I was doing some insulation work at home and didn't hunt this weekend but live in the Mpls suburbs and have 3 scrapes within 100 yards from my house. On sat I saw a 180 - 190 inch 12 point in my backyard with a doe. Biggest deer I've seen - watched him for a minute or so from 30 yards before he left. I have a full freezer but that deer gave me the ambition to go get a muzzleloader tag and go back out.
  3. 92python

    What are your go to ice fishing lures?

    Jigging - I like the do-jigger for walleye. Buckshots are good too. I've lost a few big fish on jigging raps when the front or back hooks caught on the ice as I am trying to get them through the hole. For panfish its the ratso, ratfinke, teeter totter and other jigs with a horizontal profile. They show up better on the vex and hook well. Set lines are usually something like a frosty.
  4. 92python

    Murphy hanrahan bow hunt

    I got a doe a couple years ago when I did the hunt. Scouted it on Google Earth -Bing Maps then did some serious walking before the hunt to find decent spots. Got my deer pretty far away from the truck. The park is bigger than you might think and I walked for a good 20 -30 minutes to get to where I was hunting but I still had other hunters nearby and saw headlamps where I had planned on going.
  5. 92python

    Climbing deer stands

    Those hand climbers like the one you are looking at are a little harder to use than the sit and climb models in my opinion. I got a good ab workout which I wasn't looking for when climbing a tree. I sold my hand climber style summit bushmaster and went with a summit viper for that reason.
  6. 92python


    I have been seeing quite a few pairs of fawns in North Central MN. I do believe it the deer population is spotty though throughout the state.
  7. 92python

    Mineral Sites

    I have been using a brown 50 lb block in a slight depression not too far from a water source for the last 3 years. Works great for getting pics of what is out there. The block is normally gone by the time hunting season starts and they do eat some of the dirt to make which makes the depression deeper. I just put one of the blocks out on Sunday.
  8. 92python

    Mineral Sites

    The 50 Lb brown colored salt with trace minerals are what I use and they work well. About 5 to 8 bucks and I only use 1 or 2 per year per site. I put them in a small depression in the ground and not too far from a water source.
  9. 92python

    How about those ladder stands for bowhunting

    I am in the minority here but I don't like most ladder stands for the following reasons. 1- Noisy when climbing up the ladder when the 2 laddr sections shift where they go together when you step from one section to another. 2- Noisy if you happen to hit them with anything hard. They are hollow steel which is loud. 3- They are a certain height and can't be adjusted up or down a couple feet. 4- Need 2 people to set them up or move around safely. 5- If you want to face a different direction you need another person to help you shift the stand on the tree. I prefer a climber first, then a hang on followed by a tripod, and finally a ladder stand.
  10. 92python

    I wonder where the state line is?

    So cynical.....Cold got you down???
  11. 92python

    My grandfather's model 94

    My gramps handed down a very similar gun to my dad and I use it on drives when I am a driver. Chambered in .30 WCF (30-30) no octagon barrel but it has the short magazine and a finish that looks silver. I have taken 3 deer with it. Fun to shoot, light, holds steady and sounds cool when it goes off.
  12. Trying to figure out the best place to burn 5 WY Elk preference points, watching football on most days and having a Fulton IPA or two.
  13. I have a T/C Omega and like it. T/C Customer Service is very good though you probably won't need it. I would look at the T/C Impact. Do a search on T/C Impact review. Most reviews are very positive.
  14. 92python

    Savage 212

    I agree with Gordie about the 220. My gun store buddies highly recommend it.
  15. 92python

    Cold weather effect on bows

    I have noticed on one of my bows that my arrows hit a bit low when it is really cold but this is during practice at 50 yards (which is my normal practice distance). I think it has to do with the string material and the bow having a 101inch string length. Probably not a problem at more typical hunting distances. The other thing I have had happen is my arrow holder which holds the arrow on the shelf gets too stiff and doesn't want to let go of the arrow when the drop away tried to lift the arrow out of the holder. That cost me a deer one cold December AM. Since then, I cut the holder down so it doesn't hold the arrow so tightly.