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  1. dfv87

    Gopher Women

    Sad to see Chase Coley from Mpls Washburn playing for the Hawkeyes and not the Gophers... My Daughter played against her team in HS and she was a monster in HS, and a pretty solid college big right now. Oh yeah and Peschel from Sauk Center is at IA also... is there a reason local kids are not at the U? Cause they are playing for the competition against us just fine... Banham hit a game winner a week after dropping 60 in a game, she is rolling.
  2. dfv87

    Rod bag

    I also had the Rapala one with protective tubes, but had issues with zippers... like many others... I use the Otter hard sided one unless I am taking whole family out (6 total) and need more rods then I still use the Rapala one also. I fit 4 easily in the Otter.
  3. dfv87

    Rod bag

    have the Otter hard sided one but you need to open up some reel areas in the inside IMO otherwise you risk bending the reel handles as it is a tight fit. But being able to put them in there and KNOW they are safe is nice.
  4. I had a buddy that was a HVAC (Tinner) and he made me a cover that I put over it made from sheet metal... works really well. Wing nut on and off simple yet effective.
  5. there is an app for that... said someone... about everything.
  6. dfv87


    Lmitout- I am not saying you are wrong but in today's NFL, there really are no good teams just teams that avoid key injuries or have a special QB... I believe the Vikings certainly out played their schedule this year, whether they caught somebody at the right time or not they went 11-5. IN today's NFL, with mediocrity the only common factor, 11-5 is still 11-5...
  7. dfv87

    Go Bison!

    NDSU just got another commitment from the Bulldogs in Becker MN in Beau Pauley LB/FB to go along with OT/DE Radunz from 2 time defending state champs in Becker. These 2 were the big dogs for the bulldogs Def and will be a nice addition to the juggernaut in Fargo. Both had options at other schools with more scholarships (I think Radunz is getting a full ride, anyway) but Pauley I guess is a partial Scholarship... Pauley is a tackling machine and Radunz is just a beast. Both are a couple of the nicest politest young men in our program. Both will represent NDSU well. Good Luck Fellas!!
  8. dfv87


    Guru I don't disagree with you on Def winning Championships, not at all... But what I found funny was when Brady (NE) was winning those games vs Manning (Ind) that there was all this talk about Brady was better in big games and Manning was not... now Brady has the worse Def, and he throws the picks that cost his team the game. Yet now Manning is the better big game QB... my point is they try to compare players that are playing against different defenses like they are the same. In my mind Manning would have been destroyed by the Den Def if roles were reversed much like a young Brady would have been made to look silly against the NE def of old... As I stated they are both in my Opinion 1st ballot HOFs but saying they play against each other is silly.
  9. dfv87


    I find it interesting that when the Manning/Brady debate began... Brady was known as the game manager/caretaker of the offense with a stellar defense that won games vs Manning's high powered Indy offense... NOW, Manning was more of a game manager/caretaker offensive game with a great defense that gave the high powered Pats fits all day. In the end they never really played "against" each other rather they played against each other defenses... and the better Def usually won, not the "better" QB. Who is better? Records, SBs, Yds, TDs, Comebacks whatever... All I know is they are 2 of the best to ever play QB and having them be the counter points to each other over the years has been amazing, hate to see it end. Yesterday was a great game again! Peyton was never the same guy after the neck thing, the arm never came back all the way and he is a shell of his former self now. Brady is also older but has been able to maintain his health better and should play few more years (Unless his Oline plays as badly as yesterday... then he might not survive next year.) Oh and my pick for SB is Carolina... I think Cam is too athletic against the pass rush and will evade and get big plays that way also. Car corners can hold up to Den WRs and with the pressure from Carolina Def will come at PM with too much speed for him to get away. I hope I am wrong but that is my pick.
  10. dfv87

    Go Tide!

    I agree with this on running inside... AL was too big and quick inside but I felt like they could run wide effectively enough to get Watson the run pass option out there, he just was so effective throwing he did not run as much. Big Plays were as much the play calling of AL than anything, AL had Clem guessing and they guessed wrong several times... (and I hate having to give Lane Kiffin a compliment... He is a jerk IMO... but that is a separate rant). Again I say it was 2 great CFB teams playing it out and it tilted AL way on that night. Not sure it could have gone another way on a different night as the teams are really competitive. Congrats AL and BigDave.
  11. I ran the FL8 for many years and then won a FL20 2 years ago... It took me the first season to let go of my FL8, now I love the 20! my daughter tried to claim the 20 last week and I actually fought for the 20 vs my trusty fl8! Once you zoom, it is hard to go back fishing over 20' again. FL8 is still a great flasher but the new models are better in most circumstances.
  12. dfv87

    Go Tide!

    I don't know if they were more physical or dominant but they competed on a least a level playing field... IMO the gap the SEC used to have in talent with everybody else is gone. Last year OSU and now Clem have shown these other schools are now as gifted with TALENT as the best in the SEC which is still AL. Now AL has to have better play calling (caused the busted coverages) and trick/Special teams plays to get the edge in their favor like the rest of CFB. I think the days SEC dominance, where they have the best 2-3 teams in the country, are over. there are now 5-6 teams that get all the top talent (Ore, OSU, AL, Clem, some TX team and 1 dark horse...) the rest of College Football is a horse a piece. AL cannot just win on having more talent anymore.
  13. dfv87

    Go Tide!

    Congrats to Tide Fans (BigDave in Particular) on the win. What a great college football game. Clemson had way more talent than I thought going in. But the trick play which Clem is famous for went against them on great call by Bama (onside). Proved to be the difference in a close game. Watson is a player!
  14. Reality is we had the game won and lost on a fluke miss of a 27 yd kick... Everybody knows he could miss it but even the SEA players knew it was a fluke miss, look at their reaction. Pro Kickers us don't miss from there... Sad deal as Walsh made 3 much tougher kicks already. Teddy did not have a great game but I was pleased he took us right down the field under 2 mins and set Wash up for a would be chip shot winner, I am not ready to say he is the guy for the next 10 yrs but he really showed balls there. But in the end the final score is all that matters. Congrats to the SEAHAWKS and hopefully the "window" is just opening for MN and their young team.
  15. Jigging a mamooska(sp??) jig... like a diamond jig... with a minnow head caught me a mixed bag of perch crappies eyes and pike last Sunday...
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