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  1. Had a three wolves on a bait yesterday. Cub bait hair in the scat. Sow with two cubs is no longer on the bait.
  2. They're hitting the bait to kill small or cub bears. I see this on my cams every year. I ran around 40 baits this year and had wolves on half. They're dump is full of bear hair. They know they can pick the cubs off at the bait.
  3. Leech. I've been dealing with wolves for over 15 years. I guide bear hunters. I think I have a handle on the situation. The wolves are looking for cubs or small bears.
  4. Quit baiting. The wolves will leave. And the bears will comeback. I deal with this every year.
  5. If you got other bears coming in plus sow cubs I keep going. Just add more oil/grease. That could be 12 plus feet dragging scent out in the brush.
  6. I don't like to bait in rain. To easy to bump bears feeding. Dang good time to hunt tho. I'll dump bait in a light mist like today but won't scent up because it washes away. Get it on next go around.
  7. No question. Loading up baits heavy once or twice a week remote. Is the best way to kill big boars. And I do that. I simply stating that some guys were over baiting. The idea is hungry and competitive bears. . I also gave pointers too. But you missed those. Hothead.
  8. Not really. All skill and experience I actually listened to the guys who showed me the ropes. Didn't think I knew it all after three bears. . But hey. Easy to talk big behind a computer in your moms basement.
  9. Hardly arrogant. Thought I gave some helpful advice. I'll go back to lurking. Read what your wrote to someone you don't know over the nets tell me who's the one-who-thinks-I-am-silly
  10. Keep them hungry wanting more. Why would I over feed them? I guess after 20 years I don't have it Figured out?? I ur about 90-95% kill rate every year, regardless of berries etc. I've pretty much ran that routine forever. Switching baits, good stink, good variety in pail and staying out every other day is what kills lots of bears for me.
  11. We'll I run baits every other day. I'm down to half a 5 gallon pail. 100% hits. Baiting everyday is not good for mature bears.
  12. Man some if you guys are using way way to much bait
  13. Don't use it. I'm a guide and they're not allowed at my baits. A guy used one and lied to me last year. He was only hunter to not get a bear. Your better off with bug spray the guide uses.
  14. Where is that printed!??? I have people set 50 yards or sometimes less. A guide hung a sign Friday and some fool dumped bait in his pit and hung there sign next to his.
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