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  1. 18 inch Crappie

    Rod blanks

    Find out what blank you want and search the web for best pricing, Mud Hole, Jans netcraft and Thorn Bros here in the city can help you. good Luck
  2. 18 inch Crappie

    Waking up a 2007 ford 5.3l

    Sorry a chev guy that owns a ford crew for room for the kids. 5.4l
  3. I have a low millage Ford F150 crew cab that is a dog for a truck. What is out there to wake it up? Or better what have you done?
  4. 18 inch Crappie

    Finishing Durock (cement board)?

    Never seen it done that way, the correct way is to only go up 6' with the cement board and butt the 2' to the ceiling with sheetrock and the top row of tile covers the cement board/sheetrock seam. I would tile all the way up now.
  5. 18 inch Crappie

    Addition costs per sq. ft.

    When you find out post back and let us know the range?
  6. 18 inch Crappie

    Toyota People Only

    If you lived in Blaine YES I have a guy that is spot on and does only what needs to be done to fix your problem.
  7. 18 inch Crappie

    Toyota People Only

    Funny reading these post about people just throwing money at their car, Hello, find a good mechanic.
  8. 18 inch Crappie

    Addition costs per sq. ft.

    The only way to know is get a couple bids, other wise your shooting in the dark.
  9. 18 inch Crappie

    auger gas

    Spot on, that's what I have done for 15 years and have had no problems and my auger still starts on 2 pulls.
  10. 18 inch Crappie

    Strikemaster auger blades

    I have the 2 blade 9" lazer also and they do not make them anymore. You have to send them out to get sharpened. There ia a guy in Ely I talked to yesterday he charges $15 shipped back to you. There is also someone in MI and NY that do this also.
  11. 18 inch Crappie

    Ice rod Blank Comp - MHX vs DH Al Dente

    OK, I had to look again on there site. I used the Quiverstick blank it comes 32" I cut it down to 28" and made a realy nice walleye rod.
  12. 18 inch Crappie

    Ice rod Blank Comp - MHX vs DH Al Dente

    If the mudhole rod you ordered is the UL32 then that is a great walleye blank. I just built on that blank and took it to red this weekend and loved it. I made a 28" rod with recoils out of it and an building more.
  13. 18 inch Crappie

    13 rods and others defects?

    I have Thorn rods but now build my own.
  14. 18 inch Crappie

    13 rods and others defects?

    Spend $20 more and get a custom USA made rod and you will be much happier...
  15. 18 inch Crappie

    06 mariner remote start

    Call Mach One in the cities here, I worked as an installer there and we have seen it all. A good alarm installer can get you up and running.