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I saw Ice!!


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I found ice in the Metro the last couple Thanksgivings. Not a lot, but enough to walk out on and punch a hole smile.gif

Make sure you keep safety first and foremost. I know we all want to get the first ice "jones" out (I'm very guilty of it as well grin.gif), but it's not worth taking the cold plunge. I always like to hit the ice with a partner during first ice, this way if something happens I'm not alone.

The ice fishing season is fast approaching!! grin.gif

Good Fishin,

Matt Johnson

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I'm jealous out here in CT. Matt, speaking of safety... Do you guys carry picks with you? HT makes a neat set called Polar Picks. At about $5 for a pair, everyone should have a set around your neck for early and late ice. They work great and could easily save your life!

Every winter we take a group of Cub Scouts ice fishing. Obviously there is PLENTY of ice when we do this but we clean off a strip on the ice and the kids have races, dragging themselves across the ice. You'd have to run to keep up to some of the big kids... They work that well grin.gif

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Blaine, are the HT picks the ones that come poking out of the handles when pushed down? Then they retract when released? I like those so no accidental sticking.

And about the Cub Scout thing. We did the same for a little ice fishing contest one time. It makes a big difference what you are wearing. Carharts dont slide for s*&^t.

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HT picks are not retractable. I'm not sure if I like the ones with the retractable covers....Just one more thing to fail. I keep several sets of picks with me so if the people fishing with me don't have any, they can borrow mine.

I have pics around my neck in this photo. I know...it's hard to see them with that big fish in the way. smirk.gif


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In a word, No! Nothing safe enough to be ice fishing on.

Now you got to understand that this is just one mans opinion, but it was 50 degrees or more here in the twin cities today.

The grass is still growing in some areas and there are still some flowers blooming! We would have to have one heavy duty turn around, in very short order, to have fishable ice by the end of the month, in the metro!

There was some ice in the bed of my pick up this morning and I went into a kind of trance?

Like a robot, I went and put on my cold weather gear, fumbling and bumbling, Sorels on the wrong feet, woke my wife up in the process. I vaguely remember her muttering something, but I just kept saying "Ice, ice!"

I stiff legged it to where I keep my ice fishing gear, got my sled with all the ice rods and the power auger, I fired it up and zombied toward the bed of the truck.

I clambered up into the bed..."Ice, ice!" I was just about ready to drill my first hole of the season, when out of the corner of my glazed eye, I seen a flash, as my wife leapt through the air and broke a chair over my head!

It was the best thing she could have done, it brought me back from the brink, I was a little miffed though, because I thought I had caught her trying to take my fishing gear to the pawn shop! How else would it have gotten out, unless she did it?

At any rate, I got on my work duds and hit the trail, I did'nt like that chair much anyways!

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