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  1. I havent put the cameras out yet or any bait out yet. I better get busy if it ever quits rainning. A friend of mine seen a nice one by my house last week. I will have to see if hes a shooter.
  2. Bear season is coming up quick. Anyone out scouting or start baiting yet?
  3. I think im out for Sat too. I kinda have to choose between this wkend on minong or next wkend on the river with the sitter situation. Gotta choose the river opener. I may hit the south shore trolling Sat afternoon. Good luck Sat guys.
  4. I can't say for sure on the Harbor shocking, I'm guessing they were probably checking for vhs. I haven't been out panfishing yet but from what I've heard its been a little slow with this goofy weather.
  5. I will be there also, right next to Jars usual spot. That way I can at least watch him catch fish . Was that 3- 4 yrs ago John when you told me there wernt very many big ones in there and bang you were releasing a hog . My plan is to fish there for half a day. Eat lunch at Pogos and then off to a a crappie lake.
  6. If you had five guys measure the same fish you would probaly come up with five different measurements. Everyone seems to measure fish different. Did you measure the back side of your state record repo? If it has a c-curve facing out it will be shorter on the frontside then the back. Same thing happens with a skin mount. Guy brings in a 30" walleye and wants a headout mount. He measures it when its done on the front side and its 29" and its 31" on the back. Its still the same fish he brought in. Some nice looking mounts guys.
  7. Don't forget about all the Peta members that are applying for points and tearing up their tags
  8. I think I'm done ice fishing. Going to put the gear away. Going to take the boys shed hunting and looper fishing instead this weekend if the weathers good.
  9. I didn't make it out. Finally got a hockey free weekend and was to sick to get out. Hopefully this weekend for some pannies and then I'm putting the ice gear away. Jar Jar, I think theres some cohos calling our names. Won't be long, Trolling!
  10. Thats why I stopped giving reports on internet. Pretty tough to keep a honey hole to yourself these days. Jarrid, are the inland local lakes still in good shape to drive on? Hoping to get out panfishin.
  11. My dad and I both got our tags and we had 7 pts
  12. I got mine, came in the mail wed. This is my 3rd tag I've drawn. First one took 4 years to get, second tag took 5 yrs to get and this tag took 7 years.
  13. Jarrid, do you have any idea who plowed all the snow into my fence and tree at the end of my driveway? I have my drive plowed narrow for a reason and somebody messed it all up.
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