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April 2015 Decoy of the Month Silent Auction Page

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As you guys know each month during the "off" season we have a decoy of the month challenge. Last year in an attempt to get people involved and keep the spearing forum active I held a drawing at the end of each month to give that months decoy a new home. Well time change and things evolve. So, as long as we don't get shut down, here is what we are going to do:

We are going to have a Silent Auction for the Decoy of the Month. The auction will run for 10full days. In this case the auction will close at 12:00pm on May 14th. Any post that is time stamped after 12:00pm on that day will not count. In the event of a tie bid the one that came in first will get counted. 100% of the proceeds from said auction will go to the East Central Chapter of the Minnesota Darkhouse and Angling Association. Myself or my shop will not take a cent from this auction and all time and materials have been donated to said cause.

Please use only even numbers, I don't want to have a bunch of $.01 bids. Nearest whole $dollar will work best.

Up for bid is your choice of the following decoys:

As described in the Decoy of the Month thread they are "Crappies" between 3 1/2 - 4" in length. These ones are made of cedar, have copper fins, and are weighted to swim. They were both prototypes so they swim as such, but they still swim and act as a spearing decoy should.




Thanks and lets try to play nice. wink

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Well Hawkeye, looks like you are the high bidder this month. Thank you!!!

Look for a PM shortly for payment details and arrangements to get this guy shipped your direction. (as well as purple or green)

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Mj,maybe you should action of some ice tongs. I know you have enough for every day of the month. whistle

Someone will auction them when I kick.... laugh

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