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  1. soon there will be no work ever and fish all the time. I do miss coming up but we been going to alot of fishing holes. 10000 miles on a new truck last winter fishing so its not like I was at home much
  2. That a sweet house you built, you have done your homework well. we need to talk soon. later
  3. hawkeye43

    Where is everyone

    Mj miss one stand up tongs, I found on an auction page that I got for $13, It costed more in fuel to go get them but it was a nice road trip.
  4. Why was the size limit raised to 54"?? I don't understand why there has to be a limit if you want to keep one.
  5. hawkeye43

    Where is everyone

    Only MJ can get the winning ticket to win back the stand up tongs that he donated to a banguet. MJ, For your banquet next year, I will donate a half of hog in a cooler for you to raffle off at your banquet. Thanks for the invite this year.
  6. hawkeye43

    East Central mdaa banquet

    I'm coming, this will be a good time
  7. hawkeye43

    East Central mdaa banquet

    MJ Can I still get a ticket
  8. hawkeye43

    Where is everyone

    Does anyone want to go spear Lake Mille Lacs, I see it's open through March 27
  9. hawkeye43

    Where is everyone

    Does anyone want to go spear Lake Mille Lacs, I see its open through March 27. Does anyone want to go spear Lake Mille Lacs, I see it's open through March 27
  10. hawkeye43

    Fish house furnaces

    What did you do with the empires you took out, do you still have them?
  11. hawkeye43

    Hub or portable spear shack set ups

    Are them reels spring loaded to wind back up?
  12. hawkeye43

    Where is everyone

    I got thinking today when I was cutting a new spear hole, It maybe that we are all getting to old for this spearing thing. It just isn't as much fun as it was when I was younger.
  13. hawkeye43

    Where is everyone

    The fact that so many lakes down here are dirty that you can't see more than a few feet and really bad ice, or lack of ice, and the cold temp. makes it that much harder to get the get-up and go thing. Too many other things are making this year very busy.
  14. hawkeye43

    Copper decoys

    yes there was. its a Slecta decoy, he use to work at the ford plant also. He made two different styles, one with smooth sides and one with scales I saw one two years ago go for $1800 at an auction. That's the one I am after
  15. hawkeye43

    Jigging for pike

    I been useing a red eye muskie daredevel with a sucker head on it. the gold or silver has lots of flash,