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Our first spear house build


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NorthernDave - Sorry for getting off the subject. Thanks for posting. It's fun to watch your project.

Not off subject at all, I like hearing about all this stuff.

Thanks everybody for the input.

I'm off today for a christmas shopping day, we'll be down in the DL area so I think I will stop at L&M fleet while we are down there.

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That's good lol!! Better than My idea of "Bucks" "Does"

I went back out to the shop and welded the skid frame together tonight and slid the house out of the shop so I could put the wife's truck in for the night.

Drag it back in tomorrow to cap the ends on the tube frame, build a hitch, paint the skid frame and bolt the house down.

Getting really close now.

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Are you sure you want to cap the ends on the tube frame?

If you do; make sure to drill a hole in the tube to let water out.

Water always seems to get in... make sure it can get out; or your tubes will be rusted through before you know it.

The skids you made are exactly like the skids on the "gordie shack" they work great... they get a little squirly on first ice since they don't have guides on the bottom, but otherwise they work great.

Great work!!!

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I did an 8x16 with a triple runner frame like this. I capped the ends on that one and it's worked out well. 5 years later and no problems.

Hoping we do as well with the welding on this little frame. grin

I hear you on the drifting while pulling on the lake lol!

We might weld some wear bars (poor man's carbides) under the skids to try and make it track better on the curves.

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-10 degrees, test run for the stove.


Nice and warm inside with a little smoke rolling out the pipe. A metal camping plate turned upside down for a stove pipe weather cap.


Need to finish welding today, make a hitch, paint the frame and bolt the house down.



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I had a wood stove in my first house and loved it!! It also had a flat plate on top for cooking. Only problem was that it took up a lot of space, so I like your 'upright tank' design. Add an ash shovel and steel pail to your list.

Another problem with it was overheating the fish house but with your dual door design, you can just crack one open. I still have boxes of small cutup wood for that stove, going to turn that small wheelhouse with the wood stove into a spear house some day!!

Have fun and keep us updated!!!

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I decided to toss together a pitch fork for fish today with some junk out in the garage.

Cold rolled 1/4" rod, I rolled the bends and cut the pieces..


I bent a strap to captivate the center section of the tines.


dry fit befor drilling and notching the strap for plug weld.


strap welded, tines cut to length.


a little while later...


shank is heavy black pipe.


handle is thin wall pipe, inserted and plug welded, a short chunk of rod plug welded at the top of the handle with a ring for a rope.


I know it's not the best of materials of the best spear, but I'll heat the spear head red and quench it to try to harden the tines a bit.

It's a starter spear.

Home made Christmas gift for my boy.


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He bugged me all day until i finally gave in and drove him to a river about 7 miles from the house so he could try his new saw on some ice lol. We chipped a hole to start the saw cut, 10" of ice and the saw ripped through it with ease. It was impressive!

He was smiling like heck. Not much left and he'll be spearing. Shelter license is one of the next items on the list.

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