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  1. Laska

    Attaching Decoy Fins

    If it's just for show 5 min epoxy will work fine. Use a Dremel diamond disc to cut fin slots. Menards or fleet farm has then for sure. If your going the wood burning route check out Hummul dot com for all the wood burning needs you have.
  2. Bowfishing Tournament July 19th Held in Winona, Mn Summertime Shootout Big 15 Bowfishing Tournament Any Lake or River 2-4 man teams July 19-20th Check in 730pm Weigh in 345am $100 big 15 team entry Winner takes all! (New Division) Big fish $10 - Club Trophy Smallest fish $10 - Small Trophy Biggest Gar $10 - Trophy Numbers(all rough fish) $20 Trophy Group event is found on Facebook.
  3. Laska

    Lake Sarah, and Independence

    I was out on Sarah right before New Years, and still have buddies doing well out there, took a 35" out of there when I went, size of fish is pretty good! Look for points next to deep drop offs it's been the best so far this year.
  4. Laska

    Spearing on cass lake

    Water clarity is pretty good, 12fow should make out bottom. Cisco style deaks work best, concentrate on the north side and weed edges-8-10fow with a drop off to over 20 has been my best luck there . Just there dec 28-31st
  5. Laska

    Decoy techniques

    Depth depends on feet of water your in (fow) and it' widely varies depending on the spear guy, I generally set one decoy 2ft of bottom and the other or live sucker a foot above that in around 12fow or less. The more you jig the deak normally the faster the pike fly in. I generally jig a deak every 10-15min or 5min if it's slow. I run 50lb red braided tip up line and I haven't had a single issue with just a snap swivel. I run 2 deaks max. I got a buddy out there that has been hearing they are crushing monsters on Nelson lately. I'll be on Montana in that part of the state end of January!
  6. I built a floor for mine, qf3 and I don't use anything else and won't. Floor helps keep your feet off the ice, keeps it warmer inside. And instead of outing snow on the flaps, I tuck them under my floor, - no light leak or drafts coming in. 48x28 hole and plenty of room for 2 and 3 even. QuickFish is one of the darkest hubs out there. Well worth the money for a portable spear shack.
  7. Laska

    Thank you...

    Just wanted to say thanks for the congrats on the little one shes now 4mo old! time goes quick!, its been a very very busy schedule ever since! I think I have a future spear girl in the making! Happy Holidays everyone!
  8. Laska

    Where to get quality spear?

    Well Id say fabeck/Kreamer makes one heck of a spear but only way to get one now is winning one @ a banquet. And talking to kreamer tonight, he may not do banquet spears either next year. I did on the other hand just ordered a moening dillo spear tonight... should be here by weeks end. Pretty excited, both weight forward spears and hold fish like no other! Straight sailing even @ extreme angles for me. Dillo is $200.
  9. Laska

    Decoy of the Month... December

    Ill play 8" Bullhead Red and White handpainted.
  10. Laska

    Decoy question?

    Drill a single or 2 holes in your tail, apply glue inside hole and on both sides of tail, insert and itll never fall out using 2 part epoxy, hull, johnson, lange and many other greats use this trick instead of the hassle of pinning. I always lead in all side fins, competition or workers are always leaded in. no coming out- ever. well unless you rip them out I suppose..... Metal or wooden tails can be weighted correctly and all 4 fins locked in if properly weighted.
  11. Laska

    Decoy carvers

    Late post but better late than never.... LEAD: Go to a stained glass window place, and ask them if you can have their old scrap lead from their past jobs. it wont be painted and just Melt it down and pour into mini muffin pan for easily putting them into your hot pot. its cheap enough. Normally I pick up 500lbs @ a time in 5ga buckets for no cost. Might cost a little bit but nothing like in the stores or online. I use .032 gutter material, any gutter installation place will have extra rolls. Normally they will sell it to you for cost of aluminum per pound. Paint Createx Paint works great, use acrylic thinner if it stiffens up or is drying too fast. Windex for just fine for cleaning out airbrushes in between colors.
  12. Laska


    I'm just not taking any chances. I have a $600 hood but nothing is 100%, paranoid new dad I guess lol
  13. Laska


    There's a cpl reasons actually. First and foremost my business was run out of my basement, having said that I refuse to have lead in the house anymore, my wife and I had a baby girl in August. And for me to be productive to the point of demand I can't be running outside every decoy to weight especially when I do batches of 50 @ a time. Second I would like to be a father who can be around. Being only one of 2 guys that make decoys for a living and actually caring about what he puts out,comes with 80+ hr weeks and Id rather slow down and not miss the younger years. I still make decoys, and I still sell to the public, but with demand thru the roof for my deaks I've stopped taking orders for the simple fact I don't have time to run these kinda hours anymore and the wait time is 3 months. My priorities lie with family first. So I'm just doing what I feel is right. I hate hearing all the guys say I shouldn't stop - that they love my deaks but for now it's just the best option
  14. Laska

    Anyone try the T3 mechanical?

    T3's are the only thing Ill shoot. Dependable, have deployed eveytime for me and even in extreme quartering away shots. 4 deer for me with 4 deployments and nice blood trails... heads are tough imo. I run mine with Victory Vap V1's 300 series. Stainless Steel weight forward inserts.
  15. Laska

    Tiger Trout video

    Great video! Wish I could get on some tigers my self, sooner or later its gonna happen.