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  1. I know huh.... According to this study the number of northern pike over 40 inches kept in open water is statistically a big goose egg. Why do you think that is the case? 99.999999% of open water anglers release northern pike over 40 inches? Hummm... interesting indeed. . .
  2. I AGREE 100%!!!! I feel for the CO's that have to try to enforce all these silly rules... when they can't even keep up with them themselves. .
  3. As long as it is fair and apples to apples. Compare how dead a fish harvested by hook and line is to how dead a fish harvested by spear is.... Of course if you are into apples to oranges comparisons you might as well see how many of the pike harvested by hook and line have previously been look and released... it would make as much sense. A fish killed is a dead fish no matter the method. The resource only sees how many fish were killed and as long as that is sustainable who cares what method killed them. No different than a deer being killed by a riffle, shotgun, bow and arrow, or muzzle loader.... they are all dead. Supporting sustainable harvest of wild fish and game is far from selfish. .
  4. Please do spend the time to look. I fully stand behind my claim that angling kills more northern pike than darkhouse spearing as the results of this and many other studies clearly show. As I have said time and time again compare the entire season of angling against the entire season of darkhouse spearing through the ice and it is plain to see that angling kills more northern pike. .. that is more large northern pike, more medium northern pike and more small northern pike. .
  5. Thanks for the link..... well it is getting a lot less ambiguous now.... [Pereira] acknowledged that “a number” of large fish were taken. I will email him and ask him exactly what number "a number" is. .
  6. That is one way to look at it derbier122x.... Or you could look at the number of pike killed by all methods where open water and tribal make up 62% of all pike killed according to these results. I guess you could always ban darkhouse spearing then the individuals who do choose to harvest large pike will be counted in the anglers group instead of the darkhouse spearing group.... I don't think that will do much to help the resource though... since mother nature really don't care how the fish are killed. Maybe you could just take everyone's fishing licence away for all methods if they choose to harvest northern pike?
  7. http://files.dnr.state.mn.us/fisheries/largelakes/millelacs/newsletter/homll_201501.pdf Interesting reading about the diet of these fish.... this is a lake that has had length based regulations and darkhouse spearing bans for years (the same type of length based regulations the MnDNR is proposing to blindly place on lakes statewide (even winterkill lakes)... and the northern pike still eat the other fish out of house and home. .
  8. Very doable. Not much different than multiple light switches for the same light inside your home just wired a little different. Wire them in parrellel so that either one will turn the lights on, but both have to be off in order for the lights to be off. Of course the standard disclaimers apply... seek the help of a professional electrician who has seen your application before running off and doing this yourself, unless you know what you are doing and are willing to accept the risks of doing it yourself. .
  9. I would have to agree mwal. One 42 inch northern pike harvested in Mille Lacs lake had 47 perch in its belly and still was not full. Imagine the forage base it takes to keep just one 50+ inch muskie alive. Then add trophy walleyes, trophy bass, etc etc. It is very interesting that the blue ribbon panel's preliminary reports did not even once mention muskies or musklunge in their review. It is almost as if they don't exist in the lake. Ignoring a large apex predator in the your findings.... real science or political science... you decide. Cherry picking data and ignoring the fact that pure trophy lakes are simply not sustainable is going to get the MnDNR and those that lead it in heck of a predicament in the future. What the lakes need is balance not all trophies all the time. Not happy confining the damage to the existing lakes managed this way... the MnDNR blindly pushes forward with placing the same type of regulations that got Mille Lacs into this predicament statewide for northern pike and other fish ignoring the fact that they don't work for every lake in Minnesota..... I just hope the resort owners across the state wake up and force the MnDNR to stop experimenting with our lakes when the know blanket regulations for all trophies all the time just will not work. .
  10. This picture highlights one of many simple rules to fisheries management.... If a fish (any fish) will fit in another fishes mouth... that is probably where it will end up at some point in time. There is another photo floating around; of a northern that shows 40 or more perch in its belly. This photo does highlight just how much forage it actually takes to keep big fish in a lake... To think that this fish was that full and still came up to a 12 inch darkhouse spearing decoy to see if it could have some more...... wow!!! It's not too surprising when you think about it though... I see this behavior in humans at the buffet line almost every day. .
  11. A lighted darkhouse spearing decoy to be used during daylight hours..... I would think they are about as effective as using a flashlight while hunting during daylight hours.... .
  12. Are they still doing creel studies up there for the extended angling only season? It will be interesting to see the results of those creel studies once the big pike move back into the shallows. .
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