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Pork should be cheap this year though.

Great Britain's National Pig Association says a world shortage of pork and bacon next year is unavoidable. Because corn and soybean crops everywhere were devastated by the summer's droughts, there's less pig feed to go around, and it costs more. The result: shrinking pig herds, pricier pork, and millions of disappointed bacon lovers.

The trade group says the pig population could fall 10 percent by the end of next year, which could double the price of European pork. Already herds have shrunk across Europe.

In the U.S., farmers are rapidly selling off pigs they can no longer afford to feed, resulting in a record 580.0 million pounds of pork in U.S. warehouses, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Los Angeles Times.

The harsh summer already resulted in food prices increasing 10 percent from June to July, with major crops such as corn, wheat, and soybean rising by 17 percent or more, according to the World Bank.

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probably have to make some vennison bacon this year. also pork butts should be the least expensive and we could make buckboard bacon with that. hopefully the increase is not that great but one way or another we will have to deal with it. those rib specials sure were nice this year. good luck.

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Wasn't it about ten years ago when the price of pigs bottomed out to nothing but the price of pork never really dipped in the store? I remember getting half a hog for an insanely cheap price per pound. The middle men never lost a dime, just the farmers...whether the supply changes or not, pork prices will go way up the next few months and the producers will not see one dime

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This is a hoax, folks.


And Jim, I am no economic expert but I've heard meat prices will get cheaper in the short-term as farmers dump existing stock, and then raise in the months to come as the supply dwindles below demand

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According to nebraskacorn, a bushel of corn makes 14 pounds of pork. So corn going up by 3 dollars should make pork go up by about 25 cents per pound. Of course that turns into maybe 50 cents with overhead.

Or, the march contract for lean hogs is at 77.

They peak with the summer contract for lean hogs (june and july) at 97.

(lean hogs are carcasses) Price is cents per pound, contract is 40,000 pounds. Apparently the iconic Pork Bellies are no longer traded on CME.

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Believe me fellas, I got a bit sweaty when I first heard this rumor. Then I butchered up a couple of pigs just in case.

I found myself hoarding bacon, almost bought another freezer.

However, I'm now confident in our ability to maintain a healthy bacon population for years to come. Selective harvest means our grandchildren will be able to eat bacon also. Hey, if that means yous guys have to sacrifice your bacon so my grandchildren and myself can have a couple dozen pounds for supper, then that's the way it goes.

Whew......That was a close one.

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As soon as the farmer hear that pork is short or maybe, many will get into it and there will be plenty of pork.

Corn can go up but the ranchers out west that raise thier cattle on the open range will not see an increase in the cost as many due not feed corn for feed.

I do see an increase coming but I do not believe it will be that much as consumers will not purchase nearly as much as they typically do which will drive the price back down.

Not worried here

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