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  1. red light is the way to go, doesn't ever spook them. I've noticed a huge difference over a white light
  2. goblueM


    If you are after monster smallies (they will probably be bedding around then, with this late spring) you could check out Torch and Bellaire, Charlevoix, or Lake Michigan itself St. Clair would be pretty hard to beat though
  3. I take it you work at Lake Superior, given your username and your reference to brewing kayak kolsch?
  4. I'm not familiar with Superior's fishery, but I have never heard of a catastrophic collapse there. We're talking Lake Huron went from boomtown to ghost town, the charter fleet ceased to exist, for all intents and purposes. Alewife *were* the dominate forage, but now they're gone. Lot more natives, like bloaters, emerald shiners, etc are making a comeback Here is a quick summary of the LH fishery you might find informative http://www.miseagrant.umich.edu/files/2012/05/12-711-Changing-Fishery-of-Lake-Huron.pdf
  5. The reason you don't hear anything about Lake Huron is that the salmon fishery completely collapsed in the early 2000s. And I mean completely. However, walleye fishing is picking up, and the Georgian Bay is a top destination for muskies, among other things
  6. I've seen some absolute monster bucks floating the Sauk, this is a great way to go about it - IF you know where you are and there's public land available by river water is often a fantastic way of getting into unpressured areas without the deer knowing you are there
  7. I have this book and definitely endorse it. Its simple, easy, and you can do a lot of different riffs on the basic recipe
  8. I just move to NW Indiana, so I'll be hoping to get permission on some private land and get my first opportunity at a decent buck. We'll see on the turkeys, probably don't have the vacation time to hit up MN like I usually do, so that may be off the table for this spring
  9. Pretty classic, almost all lapsed-angler studies find that the majority of people stop because they "don't have the time" anymore. A few studies have delved into that more and what that actually means. But bottom line, people get older, work more, have kids/grandkids, get busier, have to do stuff around the house, and fishing stops being a high priority
  10. its the New River in southwestern Virginia. Mostly known for its smallmouth, but it has a fantastic (and little known) walleye fishery
  11. Some open water pics from Tuesday... southern river walleyes
  12. I haven't paid close attention but I do know that alewife levels are at extremely low levels, so cutting the number of predator fish out there is going to be good (long-term) for the lake. I've also heard that an overwhelming majority of comments from anglers and other stakeholders supported these stocking cuts
  13. So I assume you're in favor of eliminating subsidies to farms in entirety? And subsidies to oil companies?
  14. Well a significant portion of those shows are either: high fence operations OR on huge ranches that manage for trophy whitetails. I saw one on Michigan the other day, and they were hunting a place where there were at least half a dozen 140+ bucks milling around in the same field. Looked it up and its 10 minutes from my cabin. $7,000 for a hunt there Some shows (that I like) hunt non-managed land, but it's still the best land out there. They aren't going to Uncle Bob's Back 40 and hoping something shows up. They're going to places that consistently pump out big deer
  15. Generally only done for unfiltered wheat beers (makes sense that your German buddies showed you this since that's where hefeweizens originated) But often a negative for other beers, like IPAs, most lagers, etc. But to each their own
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