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College Hockey - Off Season and Pre Season


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In a non surprise the Big Ten will rotate its first 4 conference tournaments in St. Paul and Detroit. That could very well become permanent if they want to make money, WI might get to host one but I just don't see it being anywhere else for a while.


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A little more good news I stumbled on. Haula not signing and Rau and Schmidt will be back. Bjugstad mulling it over but most seem to feel he will be back, as usual nothing is written in stone. Wild are stacked with prospects right now so we should keep Haula for one more year then he is likely gone if he puts up big numbers again. I was a little worried about Schmidt as he is undrafted, Rau is likely to play 4 years because of his size.


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Just read the B10 announcement abotu the X also. B10 at the X for the inaugaral tourney in 2014, Joe Louis the following year.

I would suspect that the NCHC will alternate also between the X and another arena. Omaha, Denver area, or maybe the Ralph. They would have to choose the odd year against the B10 as the tourney would be the same weekend. Target Center has been menitioned in the past, but I would prefer to avoid. WCHA has to have its tourney somewhere too.

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Just found this over on uscho, a list of the greatest coaches of all time based on their accomplishments. They used some kind of scoring system, not sure on the specifics but an interesting list to be sure and also a few surprises. I bolded all the wcha guys I could think of, probably missed a few but you get the idea.

1. Jerry York - 293.7310011

2. Vic Heyliger - 288.3782927

3. Jack Parker - 284.0473044

4. Murray Armstrong - 272.3240523 DU

5. Red Berenson - 213.5277576

6. John MacInnes - 193.280458 Tech

7. Ron Mason - 184.5771333

8. Ned Harkness - 181.1975752

9. Gino Gasparini - 179.0093712 UND

10. Shawn Walsh - 166.135929

11. Jeff Jackson - 158.803662

12. Bob Johnson - 153.4185577 WI

13. Don Lucia - 145.5386984 MN

14. Herb Brooks - 137.8287743 MN

15. Dean Blais - 136.8422237 UND

16. Len Ceglarski - 130.1565314

17. George Gwozdecky - 129.4710833 DU

18. Jeff Sauer - 128.9871011 WI

19. Rick Comley - 121.654009

20. Jack Kelley - 105.3156646

21. Doug Woog - 104.0358694 MN

22. Dick Umile - 95.19517474

23. Bill Cleary - 94.79739392

24. Cheddy Thompson - 89.99954933 CC

25. Barry Thorndycraft - 88.92220357 UND

26. Snooks Kelly - 86.89103545

27. Mike Eaves - 62.1094665 WI

28. Dave Hakstol - 53.93056066 UND

29. Cooney Weiland - 52.75355124

30. Mike Addesa - 52.52595234

31. Scott Sandelin - 51.82158408 UMD

32. Al Renfrew - 51.72697225

33. Frank Anzalone - 51.40443164

34. Amo Bessone - 51.28318772

35. Tom Bedecki - 51.23605035

36. Tim Whitehead - 45.17796311

37. Edward Jeremiah - 44.25765708

38. Enrico Blasi - 42.90966785

39. Mike Sertich - 41.98842708 UMD

40. John Mariucci - 39.55781073 MN

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I'm surprise Herb Brooks isn't higher up there. I suppose he spent some time in the pro's. I think of college hockey coaches greats...he's the first that comes to mind. Nice list

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Another thing to add to Brooks is he help start SCSU D1 hockey program. I think he coach them the first season the Huskie went D1. That says alot about him. I think he coach the North Stars the season before. I could be wrong though...

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Ian Mccoshen, D-man from Hudson WI has supposedly eliminated Bucky as a college choice. Down to UNO/UND/UMD as choices. Draft eligible next year.

Would love to see Welinski and McCoshen play together in Bulldog Maroon & Gold. Seal the deal Sandy please...

Also I'm sure most have heard the Target Center will be where the NCHC has their tourney. Not super excited about that, but at least it stays local. Nice bar scene around there, but the arena itself can't compare at all to the X.

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NICE!!!! Forget summer lets get to some Gopher and Wild hockey.

I was just reading about Bjugs development camp with Florida, sounds like he was the best player on the ice, we are going to be good next year. 1st line is back, Haula is probably the best 2nd line center in the country and our top D-man is back.

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No doubt there is a ? in goal but I'm not too worried about it, sometimes the team in front of you can make up for any shortcomings.

Gopher D is going to be interesting this season, we bring back all starters and have two stud freshmen competeing for spots.

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I'm not crowning the Gophers yet, but Bjuggie returning is HUGE. I'm wondering if he will be challenged enough next season, or if he goes all Okposo on you. If the wins keep rolling, he'll probably stay.

Jake Guentzel just committed to UNO over the weekend. Nice pickup for Dean.

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College hockey is extremily competitive these days, it is pretty hard to pick the top 3-4 teams in the WCHA let alone pick pre season titles.

I knew we weren't going to get Guentzel but I really wanted him, he looks like he is going to turn into a great player.

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]Yah, I wanted Guentzel, what the heck.

Apparently the whole coach/son thing didn't go super smooth for the Lucias so the Guentzels passed on the experience. Lucky for us we have a pile of high end recruits comign on.

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It took a while but the Gophs finally have an answer to the TJ Oshie elevator incident. grin


Some of my favorite quotes from the article.

The officer identified the man as Haula, 21, of Minneapolis, and advised him he couldn’t urinate in public, the report states. “Haula agreed.”

Haula was cited for disorderly conduct and released to a friend who was “somewhat sober.”

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Funny. This is the part of the year where I start to go a little bonkers with lack of hockey games/talk/gossip/news. Thank you Mr Haula! Here's some more stuff that Pates linked to.

Link below to article regarding Penn State hockey & scandal reprocussions

USCHO - Penn St Hockey

Link below from Chris Peters on NCAA vs CHL recruiting battle

Peters NCAA vs CHL

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Someone has to have some news. Anyone??? I got so little to nothing. A UMD recruit who probably wasn't going to be that great anyway signed with a CHL team instead. See ya bud, who needs ya? Oh and Jutting got hired as an assitant to the Blaiser. Scratching my head on that one.

Still plenty of time for someone to get caught doing something stupid right? Lawn mower toss, check. Caught, escaped, re-caught, and sweatered by a cop in the ONLY bar in town that checks EVERY ID, check. Public urination, check. 2 or 3 more weeks till school starts boys. Get out there!

What about goalies this year? UMD will be goalie by committee this year with Reiter gradutatin'. Dell coming back? Whos in goal for the Gophers this year?

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