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  1. Shore lunch before Shore lunch after Preening loon Hunting eagle sunset from the cabin
  2. No they don't! Very nice series.
  3. There is a camera app for android called horizon, it will take photos and video with a level landscape orientation regardless of how you hold the phone. I don't know if it exists for iPhone, but it is something I would look for if I had an iPhone.
  4. I was out way west of Marshall today. 7 inches of fresh snow and blowing 20-30 kept them sitting tight and running in the grass under the snow. It was tough hunting, but there are still birds and if we get a few days of cold maybe the massive amounts of water out there will finally freeze up making it easier for humans to operate in that environment. good luck!
  5. I have that lens and it is a little plastic fantastic. That being said I mostly use it in a travel kit with my D7100. I take it with me on vacations and mostly use it in the evening and at night during low light times for dinner time portrait type snapshots, before this lens I used a tamron 17-50 2.8 non VC. I found a lot of my shots needed a little extra speed due to iso limitations on a D90 I originally used it with. The rest of the time I have a tamron 18-270 on the camera so I can capture most any shot I need. I'm sure I could switch back to the 17-50, but I'm happy with the quality of the lens and the weight of the kit so I keep traveling with it. I've been happy with the lens, tough to beat for the price. It works great for the purpose I use it for and it has produced some great intimate shots for me. It is light and a very unobtrusive lens to carry around so people don't seem to shy away from it too much. All in all it is a great inexpensive lens and can help you learn to zoom with your feet.
  6. Fantastic work as always Dan. For a minute there I thought maybe you took a drone with you.
  7. Yep, of course what's the point if you just choke in the championship game/games?
  8. Take some liberties with Ott!
  9. It should be awesome! The planes are full of green. I think Boston will be surprised by the numbers UND will have in their "home rink." I can't wait for puck drop. Besides, I need the SIOUX to win, it's the only chance I have left in my bracket.
  10. For Sioux's sake, Whatever you do stay out of the ol' U S of A till this thing is over! And for a bonus the Wild will have that playoff spot wrapped up when you return.
  11. The first rule of fight club is you don't talk about fight club! Or shutouts, or parades, or winning the cup before we win the cup! Thanks for the Jinx and I hope you're correct.
  12. NCHC tourney wasn't bad except for the goose egg from the Sioux. It was close to the year that the Gophers and Badgers missed the final five we even had a few lost desperate Gopher fans looking for some good hockey. And the Sioux were not top seeds in '97 or '00, so I know what you mean. It is definitely a toss up this year. I'm heading to Boston this year so I'm rooting for the west teams along with the Sioux.
  13. Except for '97 and '00 of course is what you meant to say. And you guys shouldn't be so jealous that the boys could take the weekend off and keep a number one seed. It's not like we had to win it all just to get someone from our conference into the big show.
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