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  1. Ya that is a tad amazing, Haula having a really good year as well.
  2. Our division keeps on being dumb, even the avs are no longer incompetent and have a winning record. Dallas is cooling off, so are the blues and jets a little bit. Chicago just doesn't want to go away so at some point we need to get hot and stay there, it just kind of feels like we have been treading water this year, we have a higher gear buried in there somewhere. Lucky for us the pacific is their usual selves so the 2 wildcard spots should be available but plenty of time to rise past those.
  3. So if they win another one do you retract your retraction?
  4. Ya nice to have a competent backup. Just for fun I checked on Kuemper, he is putting up great numbers for the kings but they have been hot.
  5. No doubt, it rarely works out like Staal. Koivu was extended for a little too much but he just has a great year and is still super valuable to this team. We just have no one to replace him, trading for a high end center is just about impossible without giving up way too much or taking a big risk on a player. Ideally he will be our 3rd line center as he ages so I'm not worried about him on the team, we just need Ek to step up at some point in the next year or three and become a 50 point center or better. Lucky to get two points last night, we had no business getting the win but I will take anything we can get.
  6. Strange to win 3 OT games, I think we have or had the worst 3 on 3 ot record in the league. Also imagine how screwed this team would be without Staal, what a gift. Hated that 3 year term when he signed but kind of wish he had an extra year or two on this contract.
  7. Just take Friday off, then Thursday is Friday and Friday is still Friday I think.
  8. Maybe we just got our slump out of the way early this year, that would be fun. I think we have the Ducks tomorrow hoppe.
  9. At times he's looked ready but if you throw him on lines with guys like Cullen or Ek its just not an ideal situation for a rookie. But why on earth Winnik is playing with Koivu and Granlund instead of Kunin is beyond me, that would be a great situation where he has a better chance to succeed and not drag that line down as much as Winnik.
  10. BB think of our situation this way, if you want to win a cup our best chance short term is with this team of solid vets and a now middle aged core that are hitting their stride. Right now we seem miles away from that but if they figure out the D zone we can still save the season. Now if management wanst to blow up the team then it is out of my control but if we start selling off pieces in the name of rebuild I am guessing we start to see some of our younger guys walk when they hit UFA because they want to win, it could be a huge risk to do that right now. Then we gut our depth even more and potentially turning a say 2-3 year rebuild/re-tool into a 5 or 10 year tank job in hope of getting elite talent and starting this process all over. Trading for elite talent is also an issue, you either gut what depth we have left to trade for a young star or get an older star who doesn't have enough left in the tank to carry a team and also gut some of our depth. No one is trading a young elite player for anything short of a crazy overpayment. Then you end up trading for guys who aren't elite and hope they turn out, we might be better off hoping Granny, Nino, Coyle & Zucker can carry the team with their skills and build around them, hanging onto the vets for depth. Depth is our only chance at a cup short term, we seemed to have let a lot of our D depth go and its hurting us right now. We are also only 2 lines deep right now with the 3rd and 4th line not really turning out as expected and Ek/Kunin showing us they weren't ready for prime time yet.Not a big surprise because we just went through the same thing with our middle aged players. For every young guy that breaks into the league and scores young there are ten times as many players who need time to figure it out. It is a very complex thing, glad its not my job. You also have to figure how much just pure luck plays a roll in this game, absolute all-stars are selected in later rounds that no one is passing on if anyone had a clue they would turn out this way, top ten and twenty picks go bust all the time. I think 1st rounders have like a 50% chance of turning into solid nhl players, odds go way down in the later rounds. Sometimes amazing trades fall into your lap (Nino) and sometimes they just blow up in your face (Leddy). Sometimes you look like a genius in FA and get guys like Spurgeon and Staal, other times players like Vanek who has mad skills but just wasn't the right fit or the guy to push you over the top. Some years everything clicks and things look great (last season) then the next you make some cap moves but try to maintain that and it blows up in your face again. This stuff happens to every single team every single year.
  11. Quincy waived, he was pretty terrible. Like I mentioned before we are scoring just fine but Dubs has been bi-polar and the D zone is a bit of a mess. Losing Scandella, Folin and Prosser is hurting us more than most thought it would, they all had their flaws but maybe they were better than we thought, sometimes the grass isn't greener on the other side. We went from a position of depth to some serious flaws in one season. Prosser on waivers so I am guessing he will be back soon. Stevens could have been a big loss too.
  12. Nice embarrassing loss last night, hopefully lights a fire under them. Saw somewhere that we were scoring at the same rate as last season, the D zone is where the issues are. Might be time to split up S/S and go Suter/Dumba and Brodin/Spugie or see if Spurgie or Brodin can carry another player. I mention the 9 player turnover earlier this year too, no small thing.
  13. I didn't say you edited anything, I just though it was an convenient cutoff for you given that 3 of our better players just turned 25. Listen you are the one calling for Leopold to blow up the team and fire all management EVERY SINGLE YEAR if we make the playoffs or not. I just don't think you have any kind of reasonable expectations or you think this is like fantasy sports or something. Sometimes you have to be patient. I don't think Fletcher is going somewhere any time soon, Leopold has only hired 2 GM's in his time as an owner. It took Poile 20 years with the Preds to make the finals, let that sink in for a while. It's not like these players, coaches and management aren't giving their all. Cups are special, there are 31 teams trying to win it every single year. Sometimes you get lucky and draft the right players at the right time, other times the stars align and teams get hot. It's not a perfect science and making a ton of moves can hurt just as much as it helps, there is no magic formula for winning. For every team that tanks and gets the right guys and get competitive there are 10 or more teams that do nothing. All I am proposing is we chill out a little bit as fans because we are just along for the ride, nothing more nothing less. Sports should be fun and entertaining, yes we all want to win a cup, every single one of us wants that but that changes nothing. If you or anyone lese is getting too upset to follow a game because we don't win the cup or make the final every year I don't know what to tell you.
  14. Most of those teams are a stretch, Winnepeg hates their GM but winning usually fixes everything, we will see if it lasts. Plus you have to realize that most fan bases are full of people like you who are never happy so in reality almost every team will never be happy with management unless they happened to win 3 cups in a row. The islanders have the worse GM in the league and their fans know it so please don't try and pass them off as legit, Tavaras is UFA after this season, if he leaves they are in huge trouble. I might be able to take you seriously if every winning streak we weren't destined to win the cup and every time something goes wrong we need new management and players, you are just too predictable. Plus it is just sports, go with the flow and enjoy it, all the complaining in the world isn't going to change anything anyway. A little too convenient you listed our under 25 team, lets look at the ages of the players that will be here for a while. This is our core now, probably throw Suter in there because he will play forever. Zucker 25 Granlund 25 Nino 24 Dumba 23 Coyle 25 Brodin 24 Reilly 24 and looking decent this year. Spurgeon is only 27 We also have a pretty decent prospect pool, Ek and Kunin have shown flashes, Olofsson is looking better after a rocky start, that Greenway huge is a beast with some skill, it's too bad the Russian kid didn't come over but that is out of our control, doesn't mean he won't be here in the future. There is plenty to be positive about and we haven't even found our game yet this year, lots of season left.
  15. Always doom and gloom bb, we will be fine. Started out the year decimated by injuries, I think at one point Parise, Granny, Nino & Coyle were out, no one can miss 4 top 6ish players and not feel a little pain but we haven't totally tanked either. Zucker has had a great year and Nino & Granny are coming along, Stall just being his old self. Need to get Coyle going now and we will be set. We are going to win with depth and skill, surprisingly we are scoring at a decent clip this year despite the injuries but the D has let in a lot more goals. Dubs has run hot and cold, Stevens is gone so maybe there is an adjustment period but if we can get back to some solid D the offence hasn't really missed a beat. Still a whole lot of season left and we haven't even hit our stride yet. As far as fletcher goes he is doing a fine job, not a great job but name one fan base who hasn't won a cup in the last few years who is happy about their gm. We really only have 4 old guys right now and the rest of the team is young and hitting their prime years or play on the 4th line. Lots of up and coming talent too that will need some time to mature and or get in the system, present is good, future is good. Hopefully we can be playing our best by the end of the year.
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